Back to the 90s with Power Rangers: whose excited for the new film?

The original fab six rangers. I do not own this picture.

Ah, the power rangers. They have been around for twenty plus years and I remember when they first arrived on our television screens back in 1993. Who can forget in the original series tommy and kim. So many wanted them to stay together. Then the writors went and broke them up with a note. Not even face to face. come on! Of coarse the original baddies Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. I think from a child’s point of view Lord Zedd would make me wet my tighty whiteys and Rita voice was so annoying it could break glass. Goldar was the best henchman. He had a cool sword. So much nostalgia. Then Saban went on to release different seasons after season three of mighty morphin power rangers. I personally stopped after zeo and watched parts of in space. But once the zordon stroy arc ended power rangers was not the same. Now, new as well as long time ranger fans have something to look forward to.

Brand new power ranger movie set to arrive in 2017. Will fans love this film as much as they loved the first power ranger film? Will the new rangers and new Rita be accepted? Or will it be a total flop? I guess we will find out. I must say the new Rita looks more like poison Ivy then a ranger villain. I think if they were trying to revamp Rita’s look they should have not made her so… green. They could have at least kept her trade mark gray, pointy hair. How many hope so of the original characters, like Tommy for instance, make an appearance? That would be awesome. Thoughts on the new rangers anyone?

New Power rangers? There cool but not as awesome as the orginials Do not own image.
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