The daily problem of everyday work life: Stress and ways to deal with it

  1. Take deep calming breaths. Breath in for about 10 seconds. Lets out for 10 seconds. I know you’ve heard this one enough times but it works. It helps to gather your thoughts and put them all into perspective.
  2. Go to a private place and shout, curse, stomp your feet, yell into a pillow, etc. Just as long as you can do all this without getting noticed and not damage anything in the process. Then let loose.
  3. Of coarse talking to people, such as family friends is always helpful. I’m not saying to complain to them but just ask them if they have better solutions for you to cope with your stress.
  4. Don’t allow others who irritate, annoy, anger, depress, whatever negative word you want to use, to stay in your thoughts for longer than a nano second. By allowing these kinds of people to linger in your head you will not be able to accomplish as much through out your day than you should because your dwelling on what the next negative thing that negative person may or may not do to cause you stress. Pretend they don’t exist.
  5. Excercise. Pumping up your adrenaline will help to make you forget about your troubles and worries through out the day so that you avoid stress.
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