Birthdays aren’t always a piece of cake you know.
Temitope Ben-Ajepe

Disclaimer: Don’t ever think I’m way to philosophical, always trying to throw advice or too deep or excessive or whatever… Eeeermm(even tho you do)… I write as I am and I am as I write ;) :* and I might have to take classes for “keeping it short” :(

First off, I loooooove the title! It’s so true and beautiful( this is the kind of thing you type “pun intended” beside right?).

I can really relate to this whole pre-birthday thingy and it happens for so many reasons. Alot of times we hear the reasons whispering in a hushed voice: (mehn, its another year again, all those things you thought you’d be and do, see the ones that even happened which were unplanned for; so what’s up with this year now? what would be the new challenges and victories you’d be living in…what new goals and BLAH!)

Sometimes, marking off another year seems overwhelming.(I think alot of times the voices almost always fades out after the day is passed but still!)

Those voices might be encouraging or not but I believe it’s all a pull towards reaching our highest heights of GRACE and FULFILMENT(do we ever reach there?)

You’d be fine TjA(oh! I just wanted to try that customisation). Maybe you could just do something that’d help you savor A moment in a way that is remarkable and soothing for you.Too many times, they aren’t always perfect do’s and dont’s and how to’s… no perfect way sometimes to know exactly what to do to have the day exactly as you want it(that’s if you even know exactly what you want)

It’s ok not to be sure sometimes. This new year begins with one new day. The bigger truth is that every day of your life is as new and as special.Everyday is (almost always) as responsibility-filled as the other… Entrust everyday to God’s hands(that never grows old, never changes).

Start up your new year with your definition of a BANG! and embrace with joy and glad expectations, every day set before you. Don’t bother about birthdays to come…That time would come and it’s ok to feel another type of way, it’s ok if birthdays have a different twist, it’s meaning has experienced some additions or subtractions..

Oh! and for the first time in my life, July 25th, I should eat my first cake cos it’s someone elses’s birthday.

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