An Amazing Trip to Vagamon, Kerala

A view from Driveway.

What’s your view of paradise? Green meadows with colorful flowers and butterflies, children playing happily on the grass, a lot of happy faces smiling ear to ear, the sun shining through the fairy-white clouds without disturbing anyone on the meadow, cool breeze caressing the tree-leaves and hairs of the people, a serene lake with colorful fishes and it goes on.. That’s my view of paradise. Actually, that’s exactly what I saw at Vagamon when we went on honeymoon packages for Kerala soon after our wedding. Ours was an August wedding and soon after the functions, we were off to Kerala to enjoy one week of blissful honeymoon holidays. Even though I have been to Kochi earlier a couple of times, I had no clue that Kerala could be this heavenly! Overwhelmed trying to visualize what you just read? Wait, there’s a lot more you must read to actually prompt you to book a trip to Vagamon right away! If you have never been to Kerala before, do not miss the chance to book enchanting tour packages in Kerala and enjoy a great holiday experience here. I can promise that you will never regret it and will definitely come back to see more of this most blessed place on the earth. Coming back to my experience of Vagamon, we actually landed in Kochi International Airport and moved in from there to Vagamon by a car. Even though we could not find anything extraordinary about Kerala till half-way through the ride, except for the abundant greenery, the more we got closer to Vagamon, we could feel that the shades of green were getting denser and the climate got cooler. It took us almost 3 hours’ drive to reach this amazing place. Before we even started our Kerala holiday packages, we were astounded by the beautiful waterfalls at Thommankuthu that we visited on our way!

A mid-journey break at Thodupuzha

Thommankuthu Waterfall

Till we reached Thodupuzha from the airport, we really were wondering why there was so much hype about the amazing Kerala honeymoon packages. It all looked like any other town in India. The places were a little greener and the roads were pretty ordinary. When we reached Thodupuzha, the landscapes changed drastically! There were plantations which created a beautiful landscape of rolling hills with narrow winding roads that we could see from the main road. That’s when we enquired the driver whether we have already reached Vagamon. He told us more about this enchanting place which had a lot of organic farms and estates. He even took us to the Thommankuthu waterfalls which was a cascading waterfall that rolled down in seven steps. The place was cool and amazing! There were many locals who had gathered here for a picnic. Half-way through, we realized why Kerala was so much popular among the tourists. This was just a regular town and it was so beautiful with beautiful plantations, waterfalls, tall rocks and rivers flowing with crystal clear water! We geared up with full enthusiasm to explore more of Kerala on our Kerala honeymoon from Delhi.

Vagamon, a blissful paradise on earth

Vagamon Roadway

So the drive from the airport actually took 3 hours only, but we spent a good one hour exploring Thodupuzha’s beauty on the way which got us a little late for lunch. We were quite hungry but were a little worried taking a look at the lunch spread. It was fully vegetarian but there were so many dishes, each in a different color, spread lavishly on a banana leaf! But it was quite yummy and the best dish was the dessert or Kheer that they called Payasam! After lunch, we decided to take rest for a while and start our Vagamon exploration after tea. For tea time, we were served piping hot freshly brewed tea spiced with ginger and cardamom along with chips and banana fritters. Thank God we both had kept our diet plans away for another month! The tea was energizing and the snacks quite yummy. We started our tour of Vagamon on our Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi by exploring the resort where we stayed. Our resort itself was located near their own spice garden from where the restaurant got the freshest of the spices grown in Kerala. Probably that’s what made the tea and the lunch extraordinarily flavorful. We spent the evening exploring areas near the resort, the lake and enjoyed the misty sunset.

The true sight of Paradise — The rolling meadows

Rolling Meadows of Vagamon

Remember my starting explanation of heaven? Just visualize that again and you are looking at the most prominent picnic destination in Vagamon, the rolling meadows. This is one of the most popular destinations booked on Kerala tour packages from Delhi, because of its serene beauty and a pleasant climate. There’s nothing much around other than the 3 majestic mountains that protect the meadows on each side and the lake on the other side where you can find a lot of tourists boating. The vast green grasslands are perfect for a family picnic and we could see many youngsters, probably from a college, enjoying their time together singing and dancing. We enjoyed some trekking and boating here. We found a group of adventure enthusiasts enjoying paragliding and experienced the thrill of flying too. Our next destination for the day was the pine forest which reminded us of the old romantic Hindi songs where the hero and heroine would run around the trees romancing! We did not miss a chance to pose for some retro pictures that our driver happily clicked. That’s one of the most cherished reminders of the most romantic days we spent on our Kerala packages from Delhi.

Exploring the Plantations of Vagamon

Vagamon Plantations

We spent the next couple of days exploring the plantations and tea gardens of Vagamon. Every location taught us something new about the amazing state called Kerala. The most enchanting locations we loved the most were the tea gardens and the Eucalyptus plantation. The tea gardens reminded us of Munnar which was the most popular honeymoon destination in Kerala. But I can vouch that Vagamon is nothing less as far as the nature and beauty is concerned. I will never forget the amazing aroma at the Eucalyptus plantation and as a memoir we bought some fresh Eucalyptus oil from here. We even visited some small waterfalls on the way but nothing can be compared to the one we saw first, the Thommankuthu falls. While most of the plantations were deserted, except for the workers there, few had some resorts for the tourists who visited the place on Kerala packages. We had never heard of these resorts and were surprised to find them very serene and beautiful. One even had some amazing wooden and bamboo cottages where we shifted a couple of days later. The best part about all these places was that they all served some amazingly flavorful and simple to digest food which was served piping hot in the cool climate. Did I mention that it rained almost every day we were in Kerala? That made a huge difference in the climate since as soon as the sun would come out, it would get warm during the day time.

Enjoying the goodness of Ayurveda

Ayurveda Spa in Vagamon

Other than sightseeing and eating, another amazing experience I want to share is the rejuvenating massages with Ayurvedic oils and herbs we enjoyed in the resort. One of our friends had suggested that we must not miss this amazing experience while in Kerala and true to her words, the experience was more than amazing. In fact, there were some locals too who booked regularly here for the massages. We knew nothing about Ayurveda and the attendants were very friendly and explained to us in detail about the goodness of Ayurveda. Apparently, Ayurveda is a wing of medical treatments. What makes it different from Allopathic Medicine is that while allopathic medicines are made from chemicals and synthetic elements, Ayurveda makes its medicines from the nature. This makes sure that the medicines do no harm to the body and creates a lot of natural biological changes that helps the body to heal. Plants, roots, tree barks, flowers, dairy products, and many natural elements are added carefully to make medicines in the traditional ways to treat each ailment known to mankind. While it takes time to heal, it does no harm to the body and the goodness makes sure that it does not wear away from the body soon, keeping us healthier, longer. It is a must-try during your Kerala travel packages. Treatment for lifestyle diseases and ailments take longer time and needs prior appointment. Strict diet and traditional lifestyle may have to be followed during the treatment. What attract the tourists are the Ayurvedic massages that are luxurious and offer a totally refreshing experience to the body and mind. While we were there, we enjoyed the massages every alternative day which relieved us of all the tensions we had and got us fresh and glowing. In fact, we were literally glowing by the time we were back in Delhi after the honeymoon, and some of the credit goes to the massage oil and the rest to the amazing place called Kerala that offered us the most cherished honeymoon days.

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