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We may have stayed at numerous hotels on our trips to Kochi or to other Keralian districts. The word boutique formed by the Europeans in the late 1960s. A boutique hotel provides comfort and makes you feel at home, with contemporary, chic, yet preserves our customary standard of living. There are quite a lot of boutique hotels in Kochi itself. Dream Holidays is here at your side to assist you to family destinations. kerala tour packages from delhi would be your best choice, they offer stays at these lodgings.

Most of these hotels in Kochi are established at charming places, with scenic views from the room balconies or verandas. The striking persona and the panache look of the rooms captivate our minds. The rooms are pretty spacious with a grand master size bed with decorative and soft sink in couches arranged to meet the elegance, with a fire place at some hotels to keep you warm reminding you of the ancient customs. The room for bath at some hotels may contain a bathtub, or several others may provide showers. The food cafeteria is yet another factor for our choice of boutique. Divided into the several fractions, the menu may include the Keralian conventional dishes, varying appetizers, sea food, Chinese, desserts, beverages, soups, salads and dip.

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Let’s entice you to some boutiques in Kochi

You may want to know the list of Boutique hotels in Kerala, let’s have a quick look at them. kerala tourism honeymoon packages are your lending hand to get to know the Kochi hotels close enough to share your romantic moments.

Old Harbour Hotel

This hotel is on the Tower road near fort nagar. Old and trendy, this hotel was built by the Dutch. It accommodates 13 rooms, a swimming pool, and Ayurveda spa too.

Vivanta by Taj Malabar

“happiness is a package deal”

This hotel is on a man made island which is called “the Willington Isle”. It has a view of the water’s front. The island gives a peace and calmness.

Hotel Arches Kochi

Arches is constructed on the Rose Street in Fort Kochi. Royally build with 10 luxurious rooms well furnished. A multi-cuisine food bistro and a 24 hr wifi are exclusive facilities among the others.

Killian Boutique Hotel

kerala honeymoon packages with airfare provides killian botique gives you beautiful experinence.This hotel is situated at the shores of Kochi Sea. It is built in a mixed architecture of German, Dutch, and Indian style. The hotel accommodates a large food restaurant, Ayurveda and yoga therapies, a banquet hall, and a big conference room.


It is a business hotel at the Willington Island surround by water mass at all sides at Kochi. It offers latest technologies for entrepreneurs, who can hold large meetings and conferences here. It can lodge 90 guests at a go.The view from the hotel is really beautiful as well.

Les 3 elephants cherai beach

If you are looking wonderful and magical place les 3 elephants in cherai beach is best opt for you. it’s wonderful because the pool has an ocean view and the rooms see the backwaters so you get all of it! Lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The food was a real surprise with delicious offerings including several great prawn dishes and some good vegetarian options too. If you are looking for best holiday packages you click on DreamHolidays

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