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Kerala is abundantly blessed with many natural resources. Tourists from different corners of the world flee on every year to enjoy the wealth and resources of Kerala. Kerala is such a place which is fully blessed and sacred with many pilgrim centers. Dream Holidays can offer you some enchanting and stunning Kerala Packages with many amazing offers. Kerala is very traditional as well as a Hi-Tec Sate. Many wonders are awaited for each of the tourists those who are coming to the Kerala.

Fort Kochi,View


Cochin,International Airport

Kochi is called as queen of Arabian Sea. Kochi has a vast tradition as it was a trade center during British ruling time. But today the face of Kochi is changing day by day. It is the fastest growing city in India. Like another cities,Kochi also has a vast ,illustrious story not the story it is the history. How the name of the Kochi comes is still a mystery. History believed that Kochi is the name modified from ‘Cochazhi’ which means like a ‘small sea’ in Malayalam. Some believes that Kochi is the name got from Chinese. The specialty of Kochi is that it has the only Chinese fishing spotted after China. It shows the influence of Chinese people in the Past.

Traditional Mansion,Kochi


Lulu Mall,Kochi

Kochi is a treasure house for shopping. It is a developed city which posses the availability of all types of products in the world itself. Many Luxurious and trendy shops and shopping malls are in Kochi. One day is not enough for the tourists to explore the shopping possibilities in Kochi. The Dream Holidays can assure you the best time of a wonderful Shopping through our fabulous and the sensational shopping Kerala Tourism Packages. The Lulu Mall, Oberon Mall, Nucleus Mall, Gold Souk, Center square etc are the first rated shopping Malls in Kochi. Lulu mall is the biggest shopping mall in India which is spotted in Kochi. Many tourists are fled to Kochi to make a shopping surprise in India. All renowned and established brand shops and accessories in the world wide are available here. Lulu is a high class shopping mall in another words. Tourists are allowed to take Photographs inside the mall. All kinds of flavours and food items in different part of the world are available under the great wonder Lulu Mall. Those who needs to purchase the best clothings,can purchase from the first-rated showrooms like Kalyan Silks,Jayalakshmi,Sheematti etc.


Kochi is in a significant status on the renowned and eminent trading route through the sea in the world itself. The British,Chinese,Dutch,Italians etc helped in emerging Kochi as a commercial trade center. Kochi is bounded by the Arabian Sea, as we know kochi is known as queen of Arabian Sea. We have a delighted and outstanding Naval Force in Kochi which is keen alert always for the safety of the people. Cochin Naval Base and Shipyard are identity of Kochi which provides the ship building and it’s maintenance. Cochin Shipyard helps in building the Vessels(Platform supply) and oil tankers. Both the Shipyard and Naval Base are incorporated as the Government of India. Every year during the month of December Navy week are organized which allows the common people and tourists to get into the Naval Base and also different ships are set ready for the visitors for a small journey through the sea. Dream Holidays assure you the opportunity to make a life time experience through the excellent Kerala Holiday Packages

Warship,Cochin Shipyard



WonderLa ,Veegaland is the top rated amusement park in Kochi. As it name resembles WonderLa is the Land of Wonders and amusements. Tourist can explore some kind of a magical and paranormal experience in WonderLa which is a well renowned amusement park in India. Many tourists from different parts of India are coming day by day to enjoy the drives through different splendid rides in WonderLa. The fun for the entire family begins here in WonderLa. There are many water and land based rides, thrillers etc which can be very safe and gentle for both the children and adults.


Marine Drive,Kochi

Kochi is a city where both the high class and middle class people are living here. Kochi is developing day by day, in every sense. As the development process are increasing migration are also happening rapidly. Dream Holiday promotes only the eco-friendly Kerala Packages which will be beneficial for the eco system as well as for the future generation. Kochi is always fully fledged with the developmental process. So tourists can explore the facilitated metro trains, Luxurious Hotels like Le-Meridian, Holiday Inn etc.

Kochi Metro Rail Services
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