Lifestyle Platform Comebey to be First Commercial DRApp on DREP Chain

Middle Eastern E-trading Platform Comebey joins DREP Foundation’s network to experience decentralized reputation on chain for user growth and traffic monetization

On June 7th, DREP Foundation inked a MOU with, marking the dawn of commercial deployment for the company’s Decentralized Reputation System.

Launched in October last year, Comebey is one of the largest lifestyle recommendation platforms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) catering to both locals and overseas Chinese. Similar to Groupon, the platform features discounted deals on dining, leisure and travel activities from over 240 local merchants.

Apart from challenges in monetizing website traffic, the absence of a reward system for positive platform behavior and a low user engagement level have made it difficult for Comebey to meaningfully differentiate among its competitors and retain users.

In this collaboration, DREP Foundation will be working together with Comebey to deploy a Decentralized Reputation Application (DRApp) with a Reputation Quantifying Mechanism for their users. Beyond that DREP Foundation will also be helping with the development of a Reputation Monetization Mechanism through tokenizing transactions on the platform. DREP Foundation will equally play an active role in helping Comebey identify fake accounts and drive its user acquisition efforts in the Middle East.

Aiming to solve the problems of an E-commerce platform by adopting the DREP technology and solutions, this partnership represents a big milestone for DREP’s validation of hard work. After all, building a Blockchain platform based on a reputation system for Internet applications where values are redistributed and reactivated using Blockchain was the vision that brought us together, and linking with actual running platforms is an essential stepping stone of the process.

More DRApp developments are expected to take place, stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

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ABOUT DREP Foundation
Founded in Singapore, early 2018, DREP Foundation is an innovative tech company that provides the decentralized solution to quantification and monetization of cross-platform online reputation. By distinguishing fake news and accounts, establishing user growth system and increasing retention rates, building the users’ reputation data sharing pool for DAPPs (Decentralized Reputation Apps), DREP Foundation has internally incubated and jointly developed 4 applications based on online reputation and content, which will be launched shortly.
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