DREP Foundation Partners with Zebi for Enrichment of On-chain Data

Early this week, DREP Foundation (DREP) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Data India Pvt. Ltd. (Zebi) to enrich on-chain data offerings and meaningful utilization. Under the agreement, both parties would focus on the areas of technology, education and joint data solution development for aggregation and sharing.

This partnership brings together complementary strengths by bridging offline data and online reputation data for the betterment of both parties’ infrastructure and ecosystem. Zebi would secure a reputation layer from DREP’s reputation management system to its AI Chain’s Identity layer while DREP would derive reputation scores based on established documents and offline data to better serve the DRApps with needs such as user filtering or verification in Indian market. In addition, the two entities will join force to develop data protection mechanisms and interoperability between private and public chain.

Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. specializes in providing blockchain based Big Data solutions to governments and enterprises to leverage and protect their high value and sensitive data. The flagship products Zebi AI Chain™ and Zebi Data Gateway are developed by Zebi’s architects from the ground up with Data Security and Privacy Compliance built into the platform.

To put simply, Zebi Chain offers core identity solutions based on established documents and authenticated credentials and transactions while DREP derives data from behaviors of all participants on different internet platforms including published content, commenting, rating, voting, sharing, transacting and trading. Data aggregation across both ecosystems provide richer and more powerful insights.

DREP Foundation is devoted to build a scale-out, secure and decentralized infrastructure, as well as a reputation protocol to accelerate DApps’ user growth and traffic mechanism. DREP solutions empower platforms to solve their pain points, restructure their value ecosystem and facilitate their transition and acceleration. The “Decentralized Reputation System” deployed in DREP service layer aims to quantify and monetize reputation value and use it for trading, making investments, sharing data and providing services for platforms.

Specific areas of collaboration would be:
1. Collaboration on joint solution development between DREP Data and Zebi AI Chain on more accurate user representation. DREP’s reputation data is based on individuals’ online behaviour and social networking, which is sought after, yet untapped data, valuable to data requestors, such as insurance companies, telecoms, banks, etc.; the latter carries offline identity data traditionally used for KYC, and other authenticated personal data such as employment and health. Both parties could leverage each other’s data for providing even more comprehensive solutions.
2. Technology Development on Protection of High Value Sensitive Data like employment and education records on Zebi AI Chain and reputation data on DREP Chain.

The collaboration envisages providing transformative identity and reputation-based solutions across the spectrum with great potential for innovation and monetization. The combined expertise would also enable organizations to step-up the level of engagement with their customers, benefiting both Zebi and DREP. We truly believe that the power of data on-chain is of great potential and this partnership between two dedicated data entities will be fruitful in hyper-personalization in the near future.

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