DREP Foundation Partners Ziggurat to Offer IP Protection on DREP Chain

DREP and Ziggurat will provide blockchain solutions in the field of decentralized reputation and IP protection for content platforms

We are happy to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ziggurat, which marks a partnership for the joint-integration and promotion of each platform’s offerings to individuals, internet and blockchain platforms.

DREP Foundation is developing a decentralized solution based on blockchain technology called “Decentralized Reputation System” that quantifies and monetizes reputation value and uses it for trading, making investments, sharing data and providing services for internet platforms. DREP aims to empower internet platforms to solve their pain points, restructure their value ecosystem and facilitate their transition and acceleration especially among content platforms and tool platforms.

Launched in 2016, Ziggurat is an enterprise-grade blockchain solutions provider and also specialized intellectual property (IP) certification service.

Ziggurat’s IP certification service is fast, hassle-free and legitimate. Their partners include radio station Himalaya FM and renowned writers such as Jia Pingwa among others. Ziggurat is also a member of global open source blockchain project Hyperledger, and has developed strategic relationship with the likes of Alibaba Cloud on Blockchain cloud service. In April this year, Ziggurat became a board member of CAICT Trusted Blockchain Alliance led by China Academy of Information and Communication Technology. The company also jointly established four blockchain research facilities with several universities in China.

With this partnership, DREP Foundation will be offering a more comprehensive suite of services to internet and blockchain platforms. In addition to our existing decentralized reputation systems, Ziggurat’s IP certification and protection services will be added for content platforms on the DREP chain.

DREP Foundation as a technology enabler is trying to provide a well-designed product addressing content platforms pain points and helping increase participant engagement and quality contribution, which in turn can help create a more efficient and quality service platform. This partnership allows DREP and Ziggurat to provide necessary blockchain solutions in the field of decentralized reputation and IP protection for content platforms.

We look forward to partnering with Ziggurat to enhance the value that blockchain technology can bring to content creators and platforms online.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks ahead.

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