Rumpleskin, rumpleskin. Dear rumpleskin i wanna hear your story.

About a little girl with hearing so good. Even a breath sounds like typhoon and sneeze feels like the storm.

Rumpleskin O Rumpleskin, you run far away from the city, from the people till you hear nothing but the quiet night.

You stand alone in the dark night. Smiling. Hearing nothing, seeing nothing. Sometime being alone is the best feeling, thinks Rumpleskin

But she forget, even when she run away from all the people. There is one voice that she can hear. The sound of her heart.

Beating so fast, tired from the running. And then quiet when she’s going to sleep.

The familiar rithmyc beat when she’s hungry. And the melancholic drumming when rain falls down from the sky.

It’s all that she can hear. For days, days and days. She started to miss the sound of other people.

No, not actually miss them. It just she’s beginning to get scared listening to her heart.

Because that hearts even though live in her body, is saying someone else’s voice.

— End —

Twitter 21 Maret 2015

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