Did James Comey Induce a Special Counsel to Save Himself?

It is undeniable. James Comey’s FBI interfered in the 2016 election on the side of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. His actions so obviously political in nature, begs the question. Did James Comey intend to be fired, create the conditions for his firing, to induce a special counsel and insulate himself and gain immunity for his illegal actions?

June 29, 2016 Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting, not just happenstance, but carefully orchestrated.

On July 5, 2016, Comey wrongly exonerates HRC by changing the statute Hillary Clinton ran afoul of claiming he could not prove “intent” when the statute clearly states the standard is “gross negligence”.

During his public testimony to the Senate Intelligence committee Comey states that the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch forced his hand, and subsequently took up a quasi “acting AG” role to announce the closing of the investigation.

However, it is being reported that in a classified session Comey testified that the real reason he closed down the investigation into HRC’s emails, was because he “feared Russian propaganda”, if made public, would undermine the credibility of the investigation, because the claims would not be so easily dismissed without outing intelligence sources and methods in the process.

The “Russian Propaganda” Comey cites are doctored communications where Loretta Lynch promises the Clinton campaign the investigation “wouldn’t go too far”. What is bizarre about this seemingly innocuous nugget of information, is that James Comey already had numerous dealings with Loretta Lynch where it was made clear to him the DOJ and thereby the Obama admin wanted the investigation to go nowhere and James Comey complied.

In his exoneration statement Comey refers to the email investigation as a matter, a demand made by Loretta Lynch.

“As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case”

Also in his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey talks about an encounter he had with Lynch in which she threw him out of her office.

Fast forward. We now learn that Comey never intended to investigate HRC, rather exonerate her at the earliest possible convenience and that Comey was only going through the motions while giving out immunity deals like candy, to Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson in return for…well nothing. Even allowing the pair of “lawyers” to destroy the computers they used to delete Hillary’s emails, and not answer specific questions because of attorney client privilege. Hillary Clinton during her interview was extended the courtesy of not having the event transcribed (let’s say memorialized), and forgoing putting her under oath.

Perhaps the real reason Comey closed the HRC investigation was to insulate himself and his team from scrutiny. The reason being if “Russian Propaganda” showing Loretta Lynch promising the HRC campaign “nothing would come of it” leaked, the entire investigation would come under a microscope and would be obvious for all to see that it was a sham. For contrast let’s examine the double standard when it comes to Comey’s treatment of Donald Trump.

A mere two weeks after Comey closes down the HRC email investigation, Trump becomes the GOP nominee for POTUS (July 19,2016) and a counter intelligence investigation is opened to investigate possible links and collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russians soon after.

The basis for this investigation comes from what I can gather two main sources. John Brennan acting in a political manner with foreign spies from Britain and Estonia to link Trump and Russia. And secondly, the completely discredited, GOP, Democrat and perhaps FBI funded dossier that used Russian intelligence sources and put in a neat package by Christopher Steele a former British spy.

FLASHBACK: Comey closed HRC investigation because he “feared” fake Russian intelligence would become public and discredit the investigation. Look at the different standard Comey applies to Trump.

Is James Comey “fearful” about the credibility of the multi-agency investigation into Trump campaign and Russia collusion and shut it down when John McCain hands him the dossier retrieved from a foreign country? No, its the basis for the investigation.

Is James Comey “fearful” about the credibility of the FBI’s investigation into Trump campaign and Russian collusion and shut it down when Buzzfeed reports the entire contents of the dossier to the world possibly exposing “sources and methods”? No its the basis for the investigation.

Is James Comey “fearful” about the credibility of the FBI’s investigation into Trump campaign and Russian collusion and shut it down when the information Brennan presents from NATO member countries turns out to be bogus? No instead they get a FISA warrant for a server near Trump tower that apparently pinged to Russia one time.

When Trump linked server investigation is announced in the media for the first time in March 2017, WikiLeaks interestingly dumps details of a CIA program with the ability to mask malware attacks and make it seem like other nations are responsible (Did CIA use this to implicate Russia? )

The double standard under which James Comey runs both FBI investigations is undeniable, incontrovertible and political in nature.

The motives for Brennan politicizing his office are numerous including Trump’s repeated attacks on NATO, perhaps potentially upending 70 years of post WW2 orthodoxy. Leads Brennan to anti Trump allies from Baltic state and NATO member Estonia.

Brennan wanted to keep his job as CIA boss under a Clinton administration. What better way to endear yourself to the potential new boss by harming Trump politically with an investigation all his own.

Brennan publicly criticizes Trump multiple times during and after the election. On things such as waterboarding, nixing the Iran deal.

Brennan has Hillary campaign items publically displayed in his office and “acted as a branch office of the Hillary campaign”.

When Donald Trump wins the election Comey, perhaps feeling a bit “queasy” about the future of his job at the FBI, meets Trump for the first time, and instantly raises Trump’s suspicion. Trump would later recount how Comey emptied out the room and said to him privately (paraphrasing) “look it is entirely your prerogative to fire me, but here is this dossier, you need to know these allegations about you are out there” Trump being a businessman thought it was strange Comey would even suggest his own firing, and mentioned that he felt like Comey was “blackmailing” him.

Comey on multiple occasions told Trump he wasn’t the subject of the counter intelligence investigation, and was asked by Trump multiple times to inform the American people of that fact because of the salacious rumormongering the press was engaging in against the new presidency. Comey allowed the insanity in the press to continue by failing to inform the American people and is one of the main reasons Trump outlines in his draft letter to the DOJ as justification for Comey’s firing. He also states the same in his letter firing Comey.

“I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation,” Trump wrote in a letter to Comey that was then released to reporters. “I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau.”

Every subsequent meeting between Trump and Comey is memorialized, and later weaponized against the President, when they’re leaked to the NYT via Comey’s friend. Comey claims he releases the memos as a form of revenge for his firing, with the expressed purpose of inducing the appointment of a special counsel. Trump’s personal attorney shows however that some of the memos Comey leaked appear in the NYT before Comey’s firing.

In another piece of intrigue James Comey blows his top when Trump makes his infamous tweets indicating he was under surveillance by the Obama administration.

In every instance James Comey worked against Donald Trump when he was a candidate by going on a fishing expedition to deny Trump the White House, as President Elect by attacking Trump for his spying allegations against the former administration, and as President by refusing to lift the cloud surrounding Trump’s Presidency, and leaking. It is my opinion based on his own actions and testimony that once Trump became president, James Comey did everything possible to make Trump’s life miserable, through leaks, innuendo, and rogue behavior in order to ensure his firing. A friendly special counsel appointment by Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller would ensure the FBI’s misdeeds were hidden from public scrutiny, and that his protégé receive immunity.

To be quite Frank I think the special counsel appointment is a blackmail effort against the sitting president, to force him to make decisions contrary to what he promised on the campaign trail. Mueller’s investigation needs to be shut down immediately and James Comey needs to see the inside of a prison cell, for leaking sensitive government property to the press, politicizing his office, and lying under oath.