It’s Time For Trump To Play Hardball With Seditious Deep State

It’s been revealed that former Obama era officials, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe uncovered and then “slow-walked” an investigation into Russian bribery and racketeering. The investigation started in 2009 and continued until after the signing of the Uranium One Deal. For their work in consummating the deal, the Clintons benefitted through contributions to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees for Bill Clinton in Russia. These facts raise the likelihood that Special Counsel Mueller’s appointment was nothing more than a political cover operation for Obama era officials. The goal was to shift the focus of investigators on the incoming administration with regards to Russian ties.

Trump should call for investigations in the House and Senate into the potential collaboration between McCabe, Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller. All must recuse themselves of any investigations regarding Russia since their decision-making, integrity and motives are now under question. Donald Trump immediately must switch from playing softball to hardball, and as President has unique tools at his disposal to do so.

1] Since Deputy AG Rosenstein must recuse himself from all matters concerning Russia, the chain of command structure at the Department of Justice would mean all decisions regarding Special Counsel Mueller would fall to Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand. A lobbying effort should be made immediately to show everyone involved in the decision making process to appoint Mueller all had an interest in his appointment as a misdirect from their incompetent and complicit actions regarding Uranium One, and the Clintons exoneration in multiple cases. Trump’s team must show that the investigation is based on nothing other than mainstream media hallucinations and hearsay. The Discredited dossier is Democrat, GOP, FBI funded, and the intelligence sources were of Russian origin. The goal is to have Mueller removed and the investigation shuttered.

2] The authorization for spy powers under the Patriot Act is due to expire in December 2017. The most important of these include Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Section 702 is now under extreme scrutiny because of the unprecedented increase in its use during the 2016 election with regards to former Obama administration officials unmasking Trump campaign members, widely disseminating that information, including leaking to members of the media. These actions resulted in National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s firing.

Interestingly, Democrats are now on the warpath with regards to FISA and Section 702, not because they value the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, but because Trump is in the White House and has the same powers Obama had during his tenure. They are perhaps nervous Trump could potentially undertake the same actions the Obama administration stands accused of.

The House and Senate will reauthorize all spy powers, but Trump should let them sit on his desk and demand that an immediate and complete investigation takes place into the potential abuses of those powers against him and his campaign during the 2016 election. Furthermore the investigation should include 4th amendment abuses of American citizens the Obama administration already admitted to prior to leaving office when they turned themselves in to the FISA court.

To protect himself and the county, Trump should also state loudly that any terrorist attack on US soil while the spy power reauthorizations sit on his desk, should be blamed on the prior administration due to their blatant disregard for the Constitution.

3] We now have enough information in the public domain to prove in the court of public opinion that the entire Trump-Russia hoax is a witch hunt and cover operation for Obama era officials. We know James Comey acted politically to save Hillary Clinton from being indicted through an intentional misinterpretation of the law Hillary was suspected of breaking. We know Comey memorialized his conversations with Trump and unlawfully leaked government property to the media, the purpose of which he later testified in public was to induce a Special Counsel. The Special Counsel appointed by Rod Rosenstein was Comey’s mentor Robert Mueller, who Rosenstein knew would not only protect Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe, but himself. It is now known Comey’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private Email server was a complete farce from the beginning. Comey began his declination letter before he interviewed multiple witnesses including the target Hillary.

We know that John Brennan abused his position as head of the CIA to intervene in the election on behalf of Clinton in order to keep his job during a presumed Clinton Presidency.

We know Mueller is involved in the Uranium One deal because he delivered a sample of Plutonium to Russia.

Trump’s many Lawyers are currently cooperating with Mueller’s witch hunt with the hope that he will be vindicated. With everything we now know about everyone involved in Mueller’s appointment, a different approach is required. Its time to go for the jugular, and expose the investigators as complicit in running cover for the Clinton crime family.