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I’m one of the founders of the DRKVRS project. We plan to create a game that will bring new quality to the Web3 and crypto industry. We’ve been working on DRKVRS for a year now and our goal is to create an intriguing world with a distinctive visual style for adults.

In a year, we want to release the first playable multiplayer called District 1 (D1), revealing how we see DRKVRS, along with quests and storylines depicting the world of Babalon.

In that location, we want to introduce the first elements of the DRKVRS economy — the use of tokens and acquiring NFTs. Moreover, the users will get to play using an avatar of one of the factions.

This week we will provide a roadmap showing the complexity and extent of this project, which is why we’re announcing and inviting you to participate in the DRKVRS Ambassador Program.

Help us spread the word about this world and encourage others to support our project. Let’s take part in this journey on the dark side of the Metaverses.

Marcin Kobylecki

♦️ What are the requirements to become a DRKVRS ambassador?

To become a DRKVRS ambassador, you must have an active social media presence, experience in the Cryptocurrency/Web3/Gaming space, a good understanding of the DRKVRS project and its features. Sign an NDA with the DRKVRS company and a passion for community building.

♦️ What is the purpose of the ambassador program?

The ambassador program is to allow us to be closer with the community. Promote the project locally as well as allow for partnership with local companies. The first goal for us as well as for our ambassadors will be to launch the first location. More info regarding will be presented along the roadmap.

♦️ What are the benefits of being a DRKVRS ambassador?

Ambassadors will be rewarded for their contributions and efforts to promote DRKVRS with:

1. An exclusive spot in the DRKVRS Hall of Fame will be reserved solely for participants of the Ambassador Program.

2. The official DRKVRS merchandise including hoodies, t-shirts and many more!

3. We are excited to offer this unparalleled opportunity for our valued ambassadors to acquire limited edition NFTs, which will serve as a symbol of their dedication and commitment to our brand. The DRKVRS Ambassador Program is an invitation-only event designed to recognize and reward our most devoted supporters, and we are thrilled to provide them with access to these exclusive NFTs.

4. The in-game Ambassador Avatar with the exclusive character title of “AMBASSADOR”.

5. Access to D1

6. and more.

♦️ How many positions are open for the Ambassador Program?

The number of ambassadors chosen for the program is determined by milestones, insights, metrics, and other topics assessed by the DRKVRS team.

♦️ How do I apply to become a DRKVRS ambassador?

Please visit the following link and fill out the appropriate application form.


♦️ How long does the ambassador program last?

We do not have any end date for the Ambassador Program yet.

♦️ How is the ambassadors’ performance evaluated?

The effectiveness of ambassadors is measured by KPIs including, but not limited to, the level of engagement with the community, content quality, and ability to help DRKVRS grow.

♦️ How do I get support if I have questions or issues as an ambassador?

The DRKVRS team will be there to help you throughout your role as an ambassador.

♦️ What if I’m not selected for the Ambassador Program? Can I apply again in the future?

Yes, you can apply for the Ambassador Program again in the future if you meet the requirements and the program is still running.

♦️ How will the DRKVRS team contact me in case I’m selected for the program?

We will only contact approved profiles via the submitted email addresses. All emails will be sent from nib@drkvrs.io. We urge applicants to be very careful, and not click on links or follow procedures mentioned in emails from any other accounts. nib@drkvrs.io is the only official account assigned to contact all applicants.




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