Roxane, Head of Innovation at Morrisons and Royal Navy Reservist

Roxane was a student in aeronautical engineering at Bristol University when she stumbled upon a Royal Navy stand at a careers fair and joined the service. For that last twelve years, Roxane has combined Reserves and regular service with the Royal Navy.

As a naval education and training service officer, Roxane deployed to Sierra Leone and Iraq, taught the first class of engineering technicians at HMS Sultan’s engineering school and deployed to ships and units in different parts of the world, coaching and mentoring sailors on deployment so they could continue to develop the necessary leadership skills for operations and continue to advance their careers.

A turning point in Roxane’s career came two years ago. Nominated by the Navy, she won the 2015 Woman of the Year prize at the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards for developing innovative and cost-effective technology and digital content to support the Navy’s training and operations. The award led to a job offer from Morrisons as Head of Innovation.

Roxane says: “At Morrisons I help people across the business join up dots, save money and make improvements for both customers and colleagues — effectively what I did in the Navy. I love my job — innovation touches people’s lives in countless ways and creates true value. The Navy prepared me well for the job at Morrisons and it’s great for me to continue serving the country as a Reservist with Morrisons’ full support to the Armed Forces Covenant.”

“Teamwork, commitment and energy are fundamental in the Armed Forces and they are huge assets across Morrisons, so I feel my two careers come together as one”.

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