Toby, Property and Contracts Manager, QA and Army Reservist

Army’s way of thinking proves useful for managing commercial projects

A qualified accountant, Toby works full time as Property and Contracts Manager for QA, looking after the acquisition, lease negotiations and initial fit-outs of their extensive training centre and rental property portfolio. He also provides legal advice on the fine print of sales and purchase contracts for the business.

Since 1988, Toby has combined a full time job with his Army Reserves role in the Royal Signals. This massive twenty-nine years in the Army have given Toby some of the best training in the world, with leadership training being one of the biggest bonuses for his civilian jobs. But as a project manager, it is the Army’s “7 questions” framework, an excellent problem solving tool, which has paid particular dividends in Toby’s property management career.

Toby says: “Businesses expect projects to be completed fast, in budget and efficiently so having a process for dealing successfully with issues is an asset. My military training has enabled me to see many difficult projects through to successful completion and to gain better outcomes for the business, such as when rolling out change projects or in negotiations with challenging suppliers and customers”.

For Toby combining a day job with Reserves commitments isn’t always easy. However, Reserve service gives him a strong sense of service to the country along with great friendships within his unit. The overriding sense of doing something worthwhile, making a difference, travelling all around the world and stepping out of the ordinary have given him strong motivation to continue serving the country at home and overseas.

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