Creating Relationships With Your Virtual Assistant

Daniel Ramsey
Mar 28 · 4 min read

When you’re curating a deal, you do not simply go barreling forward pushing for nothing but a sale. Our industry is built on one important foundation: relationships. This is how you get referrals and reviews. This is how you build your business to last. Creating relationships is an important part of our business, so it goes without saying that this also involves your team.

So, how do you go about building a relationship with your Real estate Virtual assistant who lives halfway across the world?

Communication- “Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” — Rollo May
We all know communication is important, but how do you communicate? Do you take the time to call your Virtual Assistant? How often? What do you talk about? While it is true that business and tasks at hand should be a priority, perhaps taking a few minutes to talk to your Real Estate Virtual assistant about their life wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. As you know, MyOutDesk outsources to the Philippines. Filipinos are fiercely loyal and hardworking. If you gain their loyalty, they will in turn to their very best to make sure they are doing an excellent job. By building relationships in them, they feel they are valued and will reciprocate that.

Begin with topics that will give you insight into who they are as a person. Jayson Gaignard of CommunityMade.comrecommends the following conversation starters:

– If we were to meet in a year from today with a bottle of champagne, what would we be celebrating?

-What are three things you would like to be doing in three years?
-What is a goal you set and felt utterly surprised that you achieved.
-Complete this sentence: Friends know to call me when the need help with ____ ?
-What experience from your past defines and makes-up who you are today?
-What have you done in the past 3 months that makes you feel proud?
-Describe the happiest you’ve ever been — for someone else.

Jayson also cites the ABC’s of Relationships as follows:

-Always Be Curating… your peer groups
-Always Be Collecting… interesting people to connect with
-Always Be Capturing… intel on your most important relationships.

Anytime you connect with someone, your goal should be to capture any and all information that is unique to them. Be sure to pay attention to these six categories of relationship intelligence:

1. Uniqueness
2. Dates/Milestones
3. Experience/Expertise
4. Position
6. Obstacles

Invest in the relationship

Just as you must invest when you want a business to grow, so should you do the same when building a relationship. Your investments in a relationship can come in different forms.

1. Time– Taking the time to get to know your Real Estate Virtual Assistant is one for of investment. Use the communication guides above.

2. Express Gratitude– Remember that a little thank you goes a long way. A simple “thanks for all your hard work” or “You did great on that report!” goes a long way. When you express gratitude, people will feel that what they do matters.

3. Thoughtful Gifts- Gifts do not have to be extravagant as long as they are thoughtfully procured. We’ve seen many clients give their Virtual assistants different gifts, some send some money to treat their families to a meal, flower, and a card on their birthdays and sometimes even a huge bonus! One thing is for sure, whatever it is that you decide to give, your Virtual assistant will be grateful especially if it is something they know you have given them because you listened to something they said and remembered it. No gift is too small as long as it comes from a place of care.

Building a relationship with your Virtual assistant is extremely important because you want to be able to delegate and trust them. A boss-employee kind of relationship is fine and a given quite honestly, but if you truly have a partnership where you are both working towards the same goal will ensure even greater success.

If you are able to adapt these, then building relationships, be it with your Virtual Assistant or otherwise, then you should be able to make them feel seen, valued understood and appreciated, thus creating a strong circle of influence that will benefit you personally and professionally.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

If you would like to have a conversation with us or learn more about MyOutDesk please visit our website and click here.

Daniel Ramsey

Written by

CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. For 11 years we have served over 5,000 clients with the highest quality real estate virtual assistants.

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