Remote Teams & Virtual Assistant Outsourcing: Global Is The New Local

Daniel Ramsey
Aug 21 · 3 min read
Click here to watch our outsourcing & globalization interview with Jeffrey Funk

With today’s technology, life has been made more convenient, and in many ways, has made the world more accessible. Everything has been made easier by the internet and innovators keep finding ways to improve our lives. This means the way people consume is also shifting. When you want your favorite food, you order through Postmates, when you need a ride, you book an Uber. Businesses who do not heed to this shift will get left behind.

Watch our exclusive interview below, where EXP Realty Icon Agent Jeffrey Funk talks to MyOutDesk’s Co-Founder & CEO Daniel Ramsey about their new App, assisting home buyers & sellers receive SHOWINGS FASTER now more than ever and how Virtual Assistants fit with it perfectly.

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Many offices have been shifting towards a cloud-based environment. While brick and mortar offices may never completely be phased out, it would be foolish not to acknowledge that working remotely is becoming more and more acceptable. In 2017, only 2% of workers in the United States worked full-time remotely. By 2027, 50% of work in the United States will be completely remote.

Jeff tells us about his experiences in his business with many in his team working remotely, all made possible by their new App. Morning meetings, scheduling, and all significant communications are made through this system of theirs, and it allows everyone in his office to move around as they need to. This “virtual office” if you will, allows everyone to work without barriers of location. It also fosters authentic communication and familiarity that is difficult to build in a typical office.

Virtual Assistants are a perfect fit for Jeff’s team, as geographical belief systems no longer limit them. The cloud-based space is not only convenient but is also a big time and money saver. Overhead costs are much lower because people do not need as much physical office space anymore. Since they have embraced this type of work environment, it isn’t tricky for Jeff and his team to work with Virtual Assistants because all of their responsibilities can be done online. Because they often get their work done from home, attend virtual meetings, and have all their processes and systems connected, it has been easy to integrate Virtual professionals into their business model. There is no difference between someone working in the same city or from halfway across the world in Jeff’s business.

Jeffrey G. Funk, P.A. brings his clients 20 years of experience in the Central Florida Real Estate Market. Specializing in homes and investment properties in the following areas: Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Disney’s Golden Oak, and Celebration. Consistently earning the most prestigious Real Estate Industry awards, Orlando Realtor® and Windermere Resident Jeffrey G. Funk, P.A., offers a personalized approach with this clients’ best interests at heart.

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Daniel Ramsey

Written by

CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. For 11 years we have served over 5,000 clients with the highest quality real estate virtual assistants.

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