Why You Must Optimize, Automate & Outsource To Reach The Next Level

Daniel Ramsey
Aug 30 · 3 min read

There are three levels of production as small business owner:

1. “I Do It”: These are the glory days of a solopreneur. You are a Renaissance man (or woman!). You wear all the hats and you do EVERYTHING from paperwork to marketing, door knocking and prospecting, absolutely everything in your business is on your plate.

At this stage you want to focus on your clients. This can work just fine for a while but in order to scale your business you need to be able to foster it to the next stage.

2. “We Do It”: This is where you start creating automated systems that will help you with your business. Be it a CRM (which should be your first “hire”!) or auto response emails or calendar and scheduling software. You are learning and growing.

3. “They Do It”: This is the stage that everyone want to grow into but only very few actually succeed. Only 3% of business owners make it to this stage.

What’s important to note about those in this stage is that they have an extremely strong vision and people to get you to that goal. You need to know where you stand and exactly what you need to focus on so you can decide who to hire and for what. Systems run businesses and people run systems.

People in the “They Do It” stage know what their time is worth. If you are doing $15 an hour work then that is what you are saying you are worth. Why would you do $15 an hour work if your time was worth $2500 an hour?

That’s why you need to Optimize, Automate and Outsource to Your business success and wealth by hiring VA’s to complete necessary tasks for YOU!

Take a look at your day, take note of how long it takes you to complete the work that needs to get done and figure out which activities affect the outcome of your business and which ones do not.

It is highly likely that those responsibilities that do not affect your outcomes are the ones which you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

International is the new local, it does not matter where you are hiring from, what matters is the quality of work and the level of leverage you gain. Hiring globally with a company like MyOutDesk is not only a way to keep costs down but a great way to find talent and dedication that you may not necessarily be able to find in your neighborhood or locale.

Outsourcing is here, and used by top national companies like the ones below. Why not copy their model for cost-savings & staffing flexibility? Why not move the repetitive daily tasks off your plate and free up time for mission-critical business growth?

Once you are able to take these responsibilities off of your plate, you will be able to focus on the activities that will grow your business and increase your revenue. These are the things that only you can do, your strengths. Moreover, you can also focus on your passions, be it within the business or in your personal life. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor and your work won’t feel like work because you get to flex those muscles that you have built.

Schedule A Double My Business Strategy Call with us today & we’ll help you understand how to reduce labor costs & meet your labor demands using industry-leading best practices.

Daniel Ramsey

Written by

CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. For 11 years we have served over 5,000 clients with the highest quality real estate virtual assistants. https://www.myoutdesk.com

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