Why Your Next Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Should Be Virtual

Daniel Ramsey
Sep 4 · 3 min read
How & Why To Use A Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

The services that Virtual Assistants (VAs) provide to businesses and solopreneurs is vast and growing. These professionals possess a wide range of skills and often seek additional training and education to better serve their clients. One industry where VAs are demonstrating their value is real estate. If you’re a busy real estate executive or business owner, consider the many ways that a virtual transaction coordinator can assist you and help you grow your real estate business.

Boosting Your Real Estate Business with the Services of a RE VTC

As a real estate pro, you’re no doubt familiar with the duties of a real estate transaction coordinator (RE TC), as well as the importance of this role in your organization. Staying on top of transaction coordination functions — like overseeing the escrow process — is essential to your success.

You can be more effective in realizing your real estate career goals if you’re not bogged down by paperwork, repetitive administrative tasks and troubleshooting bureaucratic red tape delays and issues. An RE VTC can take care of these tasks and ensure that sales paperwork and its administration run smoothly and your clients are receiving excellent customer support.

Sample tasks for your RE VTC include:

  • Goal setting — review goals and schedules to provide progress updates and help you stay on task
  • Seller/Buyer prospecting and servicing — complete required paperwork, gather estimates, and help find/choose service providers
  • Escrow management — open escrow and coordinate the many necessary functions of this process through closing
  • Documentation management — draft routine documents (i.e. Seller’s Disclosure Packet, addendums, waivers) and review forms for accuracy, signature verification, and missing information
  • Transaction and closing coordination — manage the cumbersome appraisal, title/escrow and mortgage loan processes
  • Client coordination and communication — operate as a point of contact for your clients to ensure their needs are met and they receive the attention they deserve throughout the buying/selling process
  • Scheduling coordination — oversee scheduling for clients, service providers, and lenders to help ensure essential tasks are being completed
  • Research — perform background and inquiry tasks, as needed
  • Tailored support — provide administrative support personalized to your specific requirements

Imagine what more you can accomplish if you have a skilled transaction coordination professional handling these jobs and ensuring that the sales you’re making are being managed effortlessly and efficiently. Free up your valuable time and build your growth stack with proven growth hacks that start with the use of virtual assistant services. You’ll soon be delivering on a more ambitious business Outcome Statement that you can make a reality.

The Real Estate Virtual Transaction Coordinator (RE VTC)

To understand what a virtual RE TC brings to the table versus an in-house employee, consider a few of the many benefits of outsourcing this role.

Larger Available Talent Pool

Hiring an experienced transaction coordinator that understands their role, their tasks, and the real estate industry is key to a successful real estate operation. Overcome geographical limitations with a wider virtual talent pool.

Economic Advantages

Virtual assistants enjoy more freedom in the performance of their jobs. This typically makes their wages more competitive than those of traditional in-person support. Choosing from a wide range of geographical regions also enables you to select a VTC that may live somewhere with a lower cost of living, thereby allowing them to work for a lower rate than the transaction coordinators in your area. You also save on employment costs, operating expenses, overhead and recruiting outlays.

Outsource for Better Outcomes with a Real Estate Virtual Transaction Coordinator from MOD

Want to learn more? Take advantage of our strategy session, “You can Double Your Business” for a better understanding of how our VA services can save you up to 60% over traditional employment options. Don’t miss out on the benefits of contracting with a RE VTC to maximize production while minimizing expenses and overhead. Build a blended org chart with skilled virtual assistants to take your Real Estate organization to the next level. Turn to our reputable virtual assistant placement service company for your real estate administrative staffing needs.

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