The Divorce Isn’t Over Until You Fight About The House…

Daniel Ramsey
Sep 4 · 2 min read

For nearly 14 years, Laurel Starks has blazed a trail, defining the role of the real estate expert in family law. In fact, she wrote the book on it.

As the nation’s leading expert in divorce real estate, Laurel is now teaching Realtors across the country everything she knows so that they can become local experts in their community. In this fascinating conversation, Laurel sits down with CEO and co-founder of MyOutDesk, Daniel Ramsey, to talk about this high-level niche market in Real Estate.

After being a flight attendant for a decade, Laurel decided to stay on the ground and get into Real Estate. After finding a vast industry with many possible routes, she happened upon an opportunity to sell a property that was a part of a divorce case.

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While working on this, she realized that there was a HUGE need for Realtors with knowledge on these kinds of proceedings. Today she is the country’s foremost divorce real estate expert. As Laurel has built her journey, she has recognized that there is an entire skill set and there is a lot of knowledge and that Realtors have that the family law community needs.

To make lawyers better lawyers and to help streamline processes so that courts are not as clogged with issues that can be put out by a knowledgeable realtor being on a case and ultimately so that divorcing homeowners are set up for the best success possible.

These kinds of proceedings are incredibly emotional. It’s a lot of drama and drama management. You have to juggle the balance to become a therapist, a filter, and part legal expert. It is complicated, and it takes a lot of hard work, but at the end of each case, you feel the fulfillment that goes beyond professional or career. You cannot take their pain away, but you can help them go through the process as efficiently as possible.

Marketing strategies are also very different in this niche, instead of prospecting to home sellers or home buyers, you are reaching out to family law and divorce attorneys. You’ve got a marketing plan that you’re going to give away as well as an intake form. So when a lead comes in. That is a divorce scenario; you can kind of organize who they are and what their time frame is.

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Daniel Ramsey

Written by

CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. For 11 years we have served over 5,000 clients with the highest quality real estate virtual assistants.

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