Start of PlusCoin ICO: the first cryptocurrency popularizing blockchain tech.

PlusCoin is a cryptocurrency was based on blockchain tech and inegrated in mobile app DSPlus.
DSPlus is a unique mobile app, created for lead generation and customer retention, already existing more than one year and successfully implementing it’s purposes around Russian Federation.

The goals of the project:
1. Creating transparent decentralized blockchain-based marketing network.
2. Popularizing of PlusCoin cryptocurrency for the people having no idea and understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain techs.
3. Giving an opportunity of commiting payments in PlusCoin for currently existing DSPlus partners.
4. Creating mobile-app-based marketplace of goods and services as an alternative channel of distribution with high sales efficiency.
5. Creating unique marketing tools, even existance of which had only became possible thankfully to appearing of blockchain tech.
6. Introduction of new banking tool which we currently call “CryptoScoting” (it will include all info about client’s transactions commited in internal cryptocurrency.

There are also few facts about DSPlus below:
1) We already have 1500 counterparties using DSPlus services.
2) There are 8000 sale points around Russia.
3) Ones of the largest worldwide known companies as DSPlus partners: McDonalds, KFC, Х5 Retail Group, BurgerKing, AliExpress.
4) The number of users is currently more than 100,000.
5) 13 branch offices in the biggest cities of Russia.
6) More than 60 people in the DSPlus team.
7) A famous advisor curating the project is Sergey Sergienko (

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