What I Learned From Working at Uber
Amy Sun

Loved your perspective Amy. Thanks for sharing. I’m in general a fan of Travis and love his story of how he built Uber. However, in light of the recent controversy about Uber Data breach and Travis hiding it, its difficult to imagine why he chose to hide the fiasco. I was reading this article https://medium.com/productivity-revolution/wait-what-uber-concealed-a-data-breach-of-57-million-peoples-data-f207a1c8b92e and was drawn to the authors argument on why as a tech founder its understandable that Travis paid the hackers USD 100K to save the global data of his drivers falling into wrong hands. But should it have been at the cost of his own integrity and eventually Uber’s ? What made him think he could hide it forever. What if a competitor had found it first and brought to media attention. Too many questions..

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