Meditation for emotional alchemy in the face of major disaster.

I hope you find this practice helpful, One of my spiritual teachers shared it with me at the time of the Tsunami few year back.

As our population increases and the fact that we are in the beginning of the Information Globalization Age, the news media can bring you pictures and information on disasters like what is currently happening in Houston, Texas. These used to only be felt in our bodies without any conscious information about what was going on. This has been the “ripple in the Force” effect for those energetically sensitive and without the words and pictures could easily be outgrown without knowing the details of what was happening.

Now, with the news media, images and words come in with the sensations. To the conscious mind this seems to at least give you a reference for feeling weird.

However, this also has a conditioning effect and can make dramatic and traumatic memories than drag out the effects. You are also being overwhelmed often with the drama the news people add to it in terms. This does not help you or others.

You are being given information in areas where you may have little influence.

Certainly, financial donations, Red Cross, etc. is useful.

In addition to whatever you may choose to do in the physical realm, I want to share this meditation so that you can use a simple Emotional Alchemy to clear your system in a way that puts energetic money so to speak where it can be used by Angelic Beings that can work with the people in the disaster energetically. This will be of benefit to others and yourself.

Here we are using it for the Tropical Storm Harvey, in the Gulf Coast and others who have been affected by the current tragedy. The same will apply for future disasters as they show up. This will assist to help you discharge emotional energies properly; it also makes the collective energies of humanity more resourceful.


  • First, put your body in a relaxed state in a chair or couch, sitting relaxed and secure. One does not need a formal meditation posture and one can also do this at the close or opening of a meditation practice.
  • With your imagination allow the sensations to arise as if you are lifting out of your body into the sky.
  • Then travel in the sky to the top of the world — the Himalayas.
  • When you look down they will be all white and snow capped.
  • Look for what first appears as an Emerald. As you approach closer, you will see that it is a green valley surrounded by the mountains. These are mostly philodendrons and fern forests.
  • In the midst of this forest is a Temple-Cottage. Outside of it are a Divine Male and Divine Female; they greet you as you approach.
  • When you enter the Holy Space of the Temple-Cottage, you will notice a glowing Golden Orb.
  • Stand in front of this Golden Sphere and allow all of the sensations, emotions, and feelings that are related to the disaster to arise within you.
  • Gather them into your Heart Center where they are transformed into Golden Light.
  • Radiate this Golden Light into the Golden Sphere as if you were making a deposit in the bank, only it is transformed energy instead of money. This will take from seconds to 5 -10 minutes.
  • Do not do the practice for more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Know that the energy you have deposited will be used for the benefit of those involved in the disaster. At the end of this meditation you will naturally find your self wishing for things to turn out far more miraculously than anyone can understand for those involved. Offer this with Joy and Gratitude for your own life.
  • Then turn and leave the Temple-Cottage.
  • Acknowledge a good-bye to the Divine Male and Divine Female.
  • Rise back up into the sky and travel home to your body.
  • Re-enter your body and wiggle your fingers and toes and move around a bit.
  • Repeat this as often as you feel the need.
  • It will likely take less time each time you repeat it.

Practice it for less than 10 minutes max at a time.

Sometimes it will only take seconds.

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