• Kwun Yeung

    Kwun Yeung

    Conductor of Forbole. Active blockchain explorer.

  • Quicksand


    Quicksand is a design thinking and innovation consultancy. We facilitate the creation of meaningful experiences.

  • Pratik Yadav

    Pratik Yadav

    Developer @mapbox

  • Elena Comincioli

    Elena Comincioli

  • Tim Lohnes

    Tim Lohnes

  • Paul Watson

    Paul Watson

    Web-developer // Remote working CTO for CaliberAI // Formerly [@Kinzen, ChangeX, Storyful, FeedHenry] // Learning to code since 1993 // South Africa // EOF

  • Drungli


    The adventure generator for spontaneous travelers — www.drungli.com. Tweets: @lynnalinn & @ereidg (#lowcost #travel)

  • sijbrand tieleman

    sijbrand tieleman

    Directeur Virtual Affairs. Nieuwsgierig, meer en veel. Altijd op zoek naar ideeën, interessante combi's en wederkerigheid.

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