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Our cities are getting busier and consequently, more expensive. Urban space — not only here in Amsterdam — has long been a valuable asset, limited in availability and therefore costly. This scarcity of space in our cities has lead to higher costs for office space and this trickles down to how much space companies plan per workspace. Consequently, space available per employee shrinks. According to one study, 5% of space per employee compared to the 5 year average was lost in the Americas, and in Europe it dropped by 2.3%.

From the perspective of a property manager, ever increasing costs for maintenance and upgrades in office buildings add to the mix — hence the need for companies to get smarter at utilising their real estate. Corporate Real Estate managers now collect plenty of data to understand how available space is used to proactively optimise and keep costs at a minimum. …

“Real-time information is crucial for cities that want to take control of their smart city initiatives”

says Eran Shir, Cofounder and CEO of Nexar in this Forbes article.

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Photo by Nicolas Gras on Unsplash

Commercial traffic data suppliers have various strategies to promote the application of their products. It certainly is easy prey for the media to have a pseudo scientific top 100 list of “Most congested cities” conveniently aggregated at hand.

Basing such a complex comparison on just one dataset and a few indicators per city, is ignorant at best. Only listing the World’s Smartest Cities asks for even more dubious methodologies.

It’s no wonder every traffic index has a different city at the top of their leaderboard — they don’t even publish the exact methodology at work. …

Is smart city tech failing us?

Commercial vendors are flooding the smart cities market (estimated to reach $774.8 B by 2021) with IoT and big data applications, spreading the vision of a Big Brother city, constantly sucking information from its citizens.

It’s just a bold vision in most cases, inspired by the potential of the technology now available on the market, distributed with huge marketing budgets of the companies ready to sell technology. …


Christina Franken

I'm an architect, a generalist - instead of buildings, I prefer to create systems based on true user needs ❤️ #SmartCities #SmartBuildings #OpenData

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