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Jun 26, 2016 · 2 min read

Imagine that the issues of immigration, sovereignty and nationality were only the soundbites used to capture and manipulate the attention of the masses. The real problem is that the economies of the entire European Union are hopelessly stagnated from decades of deeply flawed, protectionist economic policies, complete with raging youth rioting in the streets.

I believe there has been a genuine effort towards reform on the part of thoughtful political operatives on the inside. However, last year, of 72 points of legislature that Britain put forward, 72 were not adopted. It is a bureaucratic nightmare, ruled by cronyism and without even a semblance of democratic transparency.

The EU needs to be disassembled and then hopefully there could be a new union of countries… Romania could join them. It would need a great name, and of course a flag.

On the other side of the pond, the legislature is similarly corrupt. We all know it. Corporate interests have taken over. We are all just hoping for a bit more time and that things might get “back to normal”. We are on borrowed time and everything seems to be propped up by massive debts. China was the global growth engine for the last decade… not any longer. Like a Frog in a pot of water — it won’t jump out just as long as the temperature only increases gradually. It is difficult and even damaging to face the changes — but the alternative is much worse. Salute the brave people who voted for change and an end to the madness of supporting the short term greed of a few vested interests.

It’s only a shame that so many of the instigators of these changes, both in the US and Europe are apparently the worst sorts of rogueish opportunists.
Perhaps sometimes you have to be on the side of the pirates.

    David Shantz -WOW

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