Inspiring a New Generation to Defy the Bounds of Innovation: A Moonshot to Cure Cancer
Joe Biden (Archives)

Our firm has been advising a group of scientists who have identified a way to detect the precursors to Lung Cancer in breath. There is currently no effective screening test for Lung Cancer and 85% of those who are afflicted are not diagnosed until stage 4 or later, when there are symptoms. There is less than 5% survival after stage 4.

Early detection is the next best thing to a cure.

We have a working prototype and are raising funds for a clinical trial.

This may be the single most viable solution to reducing deaths due to cancer, as lung cancer is the biggest killer. There is little or no risk of harm, as the breath test involves a patient blowing into a tube, and simply helps doctors identify if the volitile organic compounds (VOSs) known to signal cancer exist in the patient.

Help us to fast-track this science.