How to Build Great Company Culture

Using Momentum to Build Great Company Culture

Leadership, focus, structure, communication, feedback, recognition, motivation and a good social atmosphere… these are the first things that come to mind when someone asks me what builds great companies. But, there is a large gap between words and actions. Many sales organizations talk about building winning sales teams, developing leadership and the importance of recognizing employees when they achieve the goals that have been set for them… but few actually follow through on these ideas with any regular consistency.

So, what happens in those well-intentioned companies and why do their goals of building great culture slowly fall apart? Well, life gets busy, there’s work to be done and suddenly the leadership that talked so much about building a high performance culture is too busy to recognize their employees when goals are met. Then, they wonder why it is so difficult to keep a consistent level of motivation in the office space. In other words, theylose the inertia and momentum that they had been trying to build; they “let the wind out of their sails”, so to speak. So, how big is the difference between maintaining momentum and letting it slip away?

We’ve all seen companies that have a great company culture… think about Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zappos and some of the other giants. What makes them so special? How do they create an atmosphere that has people daydreaming about working for them? How can you bring that culture into your offices? Most importantly, what can we learn from them?

The short answer is that they think from an employee perspective and they create new ways to challenge, reward and recognize their employees on a regular basis. Of course some have volleyball courts, lavish cafeterias, swimming pools and even jungle gyms but that’s neither realistic nor necessary for most organizations. What you must realize is that the true purpose behind all of these things is to make work more fun and interesting, thus keeping employees excited about what they do, rather than dreading another day at the office. As a result, the keep their forward momentum going and continue to smash through new obstacles instead of losing steam.

The Link Between Company Culture and Motivation

According to this article by the Harvard Business Review entitled “How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation”, your company culture not only drives performance but also has a great effect on customer satisfaction rates. However, the two are cyclical, meaning that just as company culture shapes motivation, so can motivation build stronger company culture. The article goes further into depth, explaining the six main reasons why people work, which are:

  • Play
  • Purpose
  • Potential
  • Emotional pressure
  • Economic pressure
  • Inertia

Research has proven that the first three are proven to increase performance, while the last three are known to decrease it. So, what can sales organizations do to increase play, purpose and potential?

The Benefits of Sales Motivation Software

Sales motivation software combines gamification with data visualization to help sales organizations surpass their goals. The process looks something like this:

  1. Clearly define the business objective
  2. Create a system of measurable progress towards the goal
  3. Provide positive feedback when the goal is reached
  4. Ensure meaningful rewards or recognition for achieving the goal

By combining data on key metrics from the sales funnel with a fun an interactive motivation platform, we help sales organizations all around the world to build great company culture.

We use gamification elements, such as real-time sales competitions, leaderboards, rank levels, badges, event celebrations and other unique rewards to recognize performance, build team spirit and make work more fun. In doing so, we effectively cover each of the 3 P’s above.

  • Purpose

o Establish clearly defined KPIs/targets for your sales reps to achieve.

  • Potential

o Measure progress to ensure that the goals assigned match the potential of your reps. Nothing burns people out quicker than consistently unattainable targets.

  • Play

o Make it fun! Through real-time competitions, celebrations for achieving key milestones and rewards structured specifically around you organization’s needs, make work fun by providing unique rewards and recognition when goals are achieved.

Purpose: SalesScreen uses your personal KPIs to set clearly defined goals

Potential: Then, we measure your progress to match potential

Play: Finally, we make it fun by structuring rewards and recognition around performance

Start Building Great Culture in Your Sales Organization

If you’re still not convinced that sales motivation software can help build great company culture within your organization, try this:

  • Imagine yourself walking into an office where your sales reps are hard at work making calls, setting meetings and closing deals but due to time constraints and the hustle & bustle of daily life you rarely get a chance to pat them on the back, say congrats or let them know how deeply you value their contributions. Repeat this day after day for several months. Spend just a minute thinking about the effect that has on engagement, motivation and overall performance.
  • Now, imagine walking into the same office with the same reps hard at work. But this time, whenever a sales activity is completed, the reps’ name and face shows up on TV screens throughout the office recognizing their contributions. You know exactly who to congratulate so you walk over and give them a high-five. The other reps notice this and also congratulate them. As you walk toward your office, a champagne bottle is popping open on TV screens, notifying the whole team that your company has already reached 100% of the monthly quota month. As you sit down at your desk, you use your mobile phone to open up the SalesScreen app and post a congratulations message in the company newsfeed.

Now, which of these scenarios do you think helps to motivate employees and drive great company culture? True engagement starts with the leadership and must measure progress in real-time and make work meaningful, according to a recent study on culture and engagement by the Deloitte University Press. So, get out there, get moving and start building great company culture in your organization today!

Use Sales Motivation Software to Keep Your Momentum Going!

As we have shown above, keeping motivation levels up is the easiest way to keep the momentum going. In turn, momentum is what pushes forward great company culture. Sales motivation software provides the perfect set of tools to keep your employees engaged, motivated and focused to surpass their goals. This form of continued engagement employee engagement is critical to building great company culture.

The infographic below demonstrates the importance of keeping a highly engaged workforce and also shows how gamification can help improve overall employee engagement and help you to build a great company culture. So, check it out and then contact us to get this party started!

To learn more about what sales motivation software can do for you, schedule a demo today!

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