“If god wanted me to bend over. God would have put diamonds on the floor.” -Joan Rivers

A simple yet powerful quote. One that holds many philosophical and logical dimensions to. Regardless whether the late Joan Rivers actually meant to buzz my head with a simple phrase or whether she wanted to simply justify not exercising, it remains one hell of a sentence.

For starters, break down the elements it holds.

  1. God’s existence = “if god”
  2. God’s will = “wanted me to bend over”
  3. Power of logic and human greed = “God would have put diamonds on the floor”

It is in a very simple straightforward mean urging us to think over the taken-for-granted unquestionable practices and obligations. It is urging us to firstly explore what traits god had planted in us. Explore the reasons and then compare to what we think we ought to do. Believe it or not, the answer to such questions are placed within us; within our souls; within our hearts; within our brains and within every bone, muscle, vein and organ our bodies are holding inside. Regardless of what your beliefs are, blind-folds are man-made not god-made, understand that and set yourself free.

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