America Is Going To Hell

Donald Trump said to me, “America is going to Hell!”

I’d lost my job. My wife nearly divorced me. Our house got foreclosed on and our insurance premiums doubled. We have four kids. There’s always doctor bills. My neck aches constantly but we’re afraid of Obamacare. I don’t want to cost anyone else his job. We’ve heard from people in the Republican party Obamacare will cost two million jobs. We thank God this hasn’t happened yet. Nothing is possible without God.

I never thought America was going to Hell. Sure it had big problems but I never thought I’d go so far as to let someone tell my country, You’re Going To Hell. I think I was sleeping. I was not awake to the possibility. Donald Trump spoke to me. I believe him. I hadn’t heard anyone else say that except a few guys at the bar. They always want to buy me a drink. I never accept. The way they talk about Obama — that’s not how I was raised. I don’t like the guy, I still don’t, but now a lot of what else these guys say sounds right. Donald Trump said it just like they did. He seems nothing like them but I guess he is. He’s got to be, right?

Even my buddy agrees and he makes $65,000 a year with two of his three kids in college. He’s got some college in him. He agreed America is going to Hell before I did.

I don’t vote. I voted for McCain but usually I don’t vote. I didn’t see the point of voting for Romney. He may be a good man but he wasn’t right. You can’t throw behind just any man. You can’t send a leader. Leaders come on their own. After hearing Trump, my vote for McCain seemed to matter more. It also seems like a total waste. I respect McCain but if he was supposed to be a radical, he didn’t talk anything like Trump. I wonder if McCain knows what a radical is.

Watching Trump take apart those other guys was like a cool wind on a hot day. Those debates felt depressed when he wasn’t talking. Everything did— America was going to Hell. None of those other guys wanted to say it. Watching Trump lay into them took my mind off losing, failing, winning, going to Hell. In that moment, everything just seemed right. The best leaders come in the worst times.

My family loves God and country. In that order. When we go to church, everything just seems right. I know it’s not but in that moment there’s hope it will be. So it is, in that moment. I wish it could last. Sometimes we have revivals — big tent stuff. Sometimes we see our mayor. Once the governor came. I don’t remember when. Once our state reps showed up. I don’t remember when. One of them spoke. I don’t remember which. It was when America was going to Hell but he didn’t mention it.

JEB Bush — he needed to go. Trump was right — no energy. Carly Fiorina — we don’t need some Wall Street-owned bitch calling the shots. It wasn’t because she’s a woman. Ben Carson is goofy but one of the good ones. Chris Christie is goofier but he made the right decision. John Kasich is just another compromiser. Ted Cruz looks like a liar. It’s funny to hear Trump call him Lyin’ Ted. Some of the stuff Trump said about Heidi Cruz wasn’t right. I don’t know about Ted’s father. That whole few months was tough. Too complicated. Too messy. Ted stuck it out too long. We need tough talk. There were too many others to remember. Good men but not the right men.

They could never have the rallies Trump has. You have to go to know. The media doesn’t cover just how many people he draws together. I don’t watch CNN but if they don’t cover us, like so many people are saying, I don’t need to. I don’t want to. It only makes sense they lie about us. America is going to Hell.

My wife hated Trump for a week. Talking about women on a bus isn’t the right news when the kids are still up. Men at the bar talk like that. I used to shake my head but now — I don’t know. Watching the Republican Convention, one thing was clear — people were in chaos. The convention leaders had to leave the stage. Real madness. Donald Trump alone brought some order. He did it because he inspired others to do it. He promised to do more. If he can turn the country around like that, we’ll be going to Heaven — as we are promised. If America is going to Hell, maybe it takes a real sinner to turn us to the light.

I know he speaks to me. He speaks to everyone, if they’ll listen. If the media will let them listen. I’ve never been to the inner city. I’ve heard about the horrorshow it is. That’s his word for the debates and all the bias he has to endure. It fits the state of the country as he tells it and he tells it like it is. Their schools are no good. They can’t be, right? I see the news, the riots in Missouri. If you had good schooling, would you act like that? If you had a job, would you put it on the line like that? If Trump doesn’t win in November, I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe it’s time, like he says, to take this country back.

I’ve never been to Mexico. I don’t know ISIS. But if there’s eleven million here who shouldn’t be and thousands of terrorists who want to come in, they need to be stopped. They need to be out. I’m sorry if some of them are good people and want a new life. They need to understand America is going to Hell and we need to put America first.

It’s looking bad for us though. All the polls are for Hillary. If she’s crooked, anything for her must be crooked too. America is going to Hell because some people want it to. It’s looking like this election will be stolen from us. It’s looking like our voice is going to be silenced. Dead people voting Democrat count more than honest folks feeling like their country has left them behind. It’s looking like there’s no use voting. It’s looking like America is rigged to go to Hell.

Mr Trump talks about a new Independence Day. He talks about Brexit. All I know about Brexit is people over there in England saying, “We voted you out”. I don’t know who they voted out but if people get voted out, they ought to leave or be in jail. I hear leaves falling on my back deck and for a moment I feel the sky is falling. It isn’t all that foolish. America is going to Hell on November 8th.

Wherever Mr Trump goes after that, I’m with him. My family can’t ever afford his hotels but that’s not on him. He’ll be here for us, that I believe. Mr Trump can’t be shut up. He tells it like it is. He refuses to be politically correct. He told me America is going to Hell. I didn’t need to be told but he’s the only one brave enough to say it. Washington and the media are full of liars.

I hope Mr Trump is back on TV soon. After his rallies, walking out into a sunset, the air turning cool, America seems fine. In that moment we’re not going anywhere but where we ought to be — surrounded by liars and cheats, weak people who are not our people unless they can be strong and admit America is going to Hell.

Maybe my grandkids or their kids will have a new Independence Day. With the right man, Heaven-sent, they’ll make America great again. I hope so. I’m fed up with America going to Hell. That’s not the future I want for our children. Only the right vote counts, in the right contest.

Sooner or later, we’ll take this country back but some of this country can stay where it’s gone instead of dragging us down. The southern border and the open coastlines can go to the liars and the globalists and the criminals they let in. The right man will build us protections. A buffer, you know, so America can be great again.

Like Mr Trump says, “Give me a break.”

I’m not a Trump supporter but after listening to them for a year, listening to Trump then and now, and seeing the predictions for November 8, if I were one of them this is how I’d be feeling. Am I close?