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The Calendar

A curated guide to what Downtown Miami has to offer culturally. FROST SCIENCE. ARSHT CENTER. SILVERSPOT. PAMM. (Enjoy videos.)


The President of Miami Dade College, the Wolfson Campus, on training and retooling skills for for a new finance and tech job market, and hospitality.

Beatriz Gonzalez, President of MDC, Wolfson Campus. Zoom conversation.


The Downtown News adventure started three years ago. This is how it happened, and how a neighborhood chose to create its own newspaper.

Cultural Compass

While waiting to safely take a vacation this almost post-pandemic summer, we can still travel the world without having to leave Miami.

The Quote

The Expert

Commentary: Preserving our Subtropical Paradise

Cover Story: Self-Portrait of Downtown

Talk of Downtown: Fútbol or Soccer = The Beautiful Game

Cultural Compass

On April 23 we celebrate Spanish Language Day. We also celebrate Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote.

Cover Story

Downtown is an archipelago of zip codes, said a resident. Buildings disconnected from one another like islands. Each its own unique culture.

Downtown Business District by Niels Johansen.

Cultural Compass

Celebrating the City of Miami’s upcoming 125th birthday with Dr. Paul George via Zoom.

Downtown Miami, circa 1930. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Dr. George: “FEC Railway in vicinity of its downtown station. Very busy era for this rail.”

Raul Guerrero

Editor, Downtown NEWS. Academic Curator, Downtown Arts + Science Salon (DASSMIAMI.COM). Novelist and historian.

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