We are ED/GY

Ethical Dwellings for Generation Y

Amid the current housing crisis, Generation Y is losing out. Many of us are trapped in the squeezed middle with no realistic or equitable options available. We cannot afford to buy; yet we are low priority for social housing. ED/GY has formed to offer a way forward.

We have a responsibility to address the issues facing our generation. We will challenge the bias towards home ownership at the expense of public good and common interest. We will use our agency — as spatial thinkers — to act beyond the design and delivery of buildings to create transformative and social change. To do this we must be canny: exploiting and manoeuvring within the current systems, while fiercely advocating for change.

For ED/GY, the home is not asset: it is an essential armature to support the good life — a place to dwell and belong. We offer an alternative model that rejects traditional ownership in favour of a separation between financial investment and security of tenure — unlocking access to our developments to those who can’t get on the ladder in the current market.

ED/GY will facilitate the evolving ways that we want to live, work and play. In a growing global city, we recognise the economies of sharing and the social benefits of a strong community. We are working on generous communal living arrangements with choice, a measured balance between privacy and communality. Our dwellings respond to the emerging habits and rituals of Generation Y.

ED/GY recognises the potential of densifying London’s edges, bolstering existing communities with the energy of young, hard-working millennials. However we are alt-urban — not suburban — and seek a metropolitan intensity that can support rich and varied patterns of life.


– Are you frustrated with escalating house prices?
– Do you resent the extortionate, poorly regulated rental sector?
– Are you angry at a housing market that won’t let you in?
– Do you want an affordable place to live and work that reflects your lifestyle?
– Can you see the potential of harnessing the shared economy?
– And would you be up for 21st century communal living?


Get in touch with us now at @DTT_agency.

We are currently running a survey to understand the current living patterns and future aspirations of Generation Y — those born between 1980 and 2000. Are you a millennial living in London? Please go to this link and take part! Your participation will form the basis of a Millennial Living Primer that aims to change the future of housing for our generation in London.
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