SeaBreeze Connect: Case Study

Helping you make connections onboard.


The intention of the developer is to create a social platform specifically for people who are cruise vacationers. This app will enable them to connect with like minded travellers before they are onboard, they can communicate and share which events they plan to attend and even host their own. This data can then be shared with the cruise event planners who can adjust their resources according to what the cruise traveller is looking for. For example if a large percentage of the demographic is Japanese they could arrange for a tour that offers a Japanese guide.


The client provided his research on each of the possible user stories, for example:

As a vacationer, I want to see the list of sailings that I am registered in, so that I can plan my social events.

My surveys and interviews indicated that cruise travellers start planning their cruise vacation anywhere from 3 months to 6 months in advance. Most people do not have wifi while they are travelling. This app was developed for desk tops in consideration that the traveller’s research is done well in advance and while at home.

Travellers felt that the opportunity to connect with fellow travellers would offer the following benefits:

  • Having more experienced cruisers to give advice.
  • Making friends to do activities, ability to meet like minded persons.
  • Getting a head start on meeting friends. A more social trip.
  • Making plans in advance for trip arrangements, excursions, recommendations for destinations from other travellers.
  • Start a workout/running group, happy hour group, trivia group.
  • Combine non-ship sponsored excursions with other people


Marcy is a working professional whose combined family income allows them to enjoy traveling at least twice a year. Once a year they go on a family vacation and they enjoy the atmosphere and comfort of a cruise. She plans her cruise vacation at least 6 months in advance and tries to make the most out of their travel budget by carefully selecting which activities to sign up for. She loves to meet people while traveling, and enjoys seeing her children make new friends with children that are the same age.


Marcy, has traveled with her family on a cruise before. She enjoyed meeting people on-board and forming friendships. The only thing she regretted is not having more time to get to know her travel partners before her cruise. She wished that she could have arranged more excursions with her new friends and have the benefit of making plans ahead of time. This is where SeaBreeze connect comes in.

Planning and Design

I designed the logo, branding and user interface for this project as well as the user flow of this app. The client had already built out the project with a team of developers.

Below is the design and flow the development team came up with before my recommendations where shared with the client.

USER FLOW BEFORE: enter from home page on each return visit

User flow: Before

In the original flow the user starts at the home page, which also has the list of sailings on it. They can review demographics of the sailings from that page, but need to sign in and fill in what is described as a “complete” profile, and join a sailing before they can see events for that sailing.

Users are permitted to search and view sailings without needing to create an account. However, in order to join sailings or do any other communications, they need to create an account first.

Once the user has signed up and joined a sailing all the information such as sailing events, their hosted events, and email communications are all located under the user profile page.

USER FLOW AFTER: features centralized dashboard after initial set up

User flow after

Considering that travellers typically book one cruise at a time, once they have found their sailing they won’t really need to enter the app through the sailing page over and over again, so with this in mind I created a dashboard centric design that gives the user simple access to their events, messages, and connections.

Please feel free to take the journey through the clickable prototype.

For the best results click through this user flow that has been set up.

  1. Find the Sailings page. Your Sailing is the Royal Caribbean
  2. View the Passenger Details for the Royal Caribben
  3. Join Sailing/Sign up
  4. Set up your profile. — Don’t worry about filling in the form — just click next through the profile set up.
  5. Go to your Dashboard
  6. View Profile, View Messages, View Events, View Seabreeze Connections
  7. Search Sailings, Join the Royal Caribbean
  8. Go to Dashboard (Here you can make the assumption now that Marcy has been active on the site for awhile)
  9. View Profile, View Messages, View Events, Browse All Events, Browse My Events
  10. Back to All Events
  11. Join the Big Band Dance Event
  12. Browse My Events
  13. Host Your Own Event, but change your mind and go back to dashboard.
  14. View Your Connections, View Charley, View Gilligan, Add Gilligan
  15. Go back to dashboard

— End of prototype