Pressure production

Contrary to what your eyes might have told you, Bo Levi Mitchell of the Stampeders WAS under pressure at some points in 2016. Even with a line that good, it happens.

The neat thing is, Mitchell never ran once under pressure last season. Not once. He’s the master at throwing the ball away, huddling up, and getting back at it. He had 21 throwaways under pressureβ€Šβ€”β€Šalmost triple the next-highest QB.

Despite that, on a per-play basis, Mitchell was still the most-productive QB under pressure in 2016.

β€œPressure plays” includes passes, scrambles, sacks and intentional grounding penalties.

The Eskimos Mike Reilly had the most scramble yards (247). Mitchell ranks higher because of fewer sack yards and more yards per attempt passing.

Being cool under pressure may be Mitchell’s best trait as a QB. And his excellence shows in the Details.