Amazing victory to the Western Bulldogs!

Brilliant AFL grand final. Dogs thoroughly deserved it — though some poor umpiring during the second half didn’t impede them at all.

Hats off to the Dogs quick thinking and “incidental” skills — little taps and tunnel-ball play alongside alarmingly precise “over-the-head-backwards-handballs” which helped them to the win. At some points it was like watching a Harlem Globetrotters game with some of the tricky stuff they were doing.

Morris in the backline was superb and always looked willing to put himself on the line and helped deflect a lot of the Swans incursions.

Tom Boyd was utterly brilliant overhead and helped create some amazing plays across the ground.

Bont was *very* slow to kick-start but once he came online in the third quarter, he was on and helped secure the win.

Picken (besides having a great first name) helped steer the ship up front and took a couple of gorgeous marks.

Johannisen had brilliant ball coverage however his kicking let him down in the first half.

String was largely absent, but got a couple of good disposals when they came to him.

Fantastic grand final and I could hear the crowd down at Whitten Oval all the way from my place during the entire game!

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