It’s time for a FITNESS CHECK IN.

Attached pic of my latest body scan thingy like I’m in an episode of Star Trek. I haven’t actually moved much in any direction, though I have a feeling that because my first (and most recent) scan was about a month ago - it was quite a while after I’d made a lot of my “newbie gains” during my strength and conditioning training.

To elaborate: down the bottom you’ll see my Skeletal Muscle Mass has barely gone up over the past month, but I think if I had of done the scan when I started it’d look a lot nicer.

BFP is still way high, but nutrition is getting way better these days, so next scan I expect that to drop even more.

Some of you may remember the lower-back issues I’d been bitching about, and that I was going to get a biomechanical assessment done. Had that session last week at a new physio . It appears that the left-side tissues associated with the SIJ (think: the area where the bottom of the spine connects to the pelvis/hip) are actually shortened based on functional issues. This means that my left leg is slightly shorter circa 3–5mm than the right — which in turn leads to a number of issues in the area. Hip flexors and adductors are too tight and pulling my hips, core is woefully weak so there’s no core support, and my posterior chain is also very weak.

To help address this, the great thing is that my strength training is already helping to work on the problem — and the physio said after about 3–4 months of some intense tissue work and certain exercises I should be all good. 1–2 sessions with him per month, and just need to make sure I do the exercises and hopefully I’ll “even out” over time and have no more problems.

Interesting part to me: The left leg being shortened actually caused a couple of issues that I thought were unrelated — my left ankle doesn’t have as much bend as the right, along with shin splints occasionally. So I’ve got a small insert in my left shoe to help mechanically even me up for now and yeah in a few months hopefully all is well.

On the exercise front — we’re back on high volume in my program, so doing 5x8’s and such but I’m definitely stronger overall, and hopefully soon once I get my food under proper control I’ll start losing more weight.