When a politician you respect fades away like Obi-Wan

That feel when Australia has again taken someone awesome from NZ but now has to give them back :(

In case you missed the breaking news: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155634120909470&id=17351204469

I’m actually really saddened by this news. Not that I direct that sadness or disappointment towards Scott of course — it’s just that, in effect — one of the few (possibly only) person in Australian politics that I respect and actually would have (if possible) gone out there and support has now resigned.

Surely being a Kiwi isn’t that bad right? Like, no too much yeah? Nah jokes Kiwis you know I love you ❤.

It’s a disparaging state of political affairs when the one person who is almost universally respected by so many swathes of Australians (especially in digital communities) is now gone — and that you have to consider whether it’s even worth bothering to keep up with politics now.

I do like Larissa Waters and Richard Di Natale (and let’s not forget the meme-lord Dastyari) — however I don’t think I’ve really connected with them as much as Scott. Not to mention watching Scott rip into the dickheads in the Senate with a cool, calm, collected and importantly — professional — manner is just downright breathtaking.

Despite all of the above — I get my diligence hat on that I try and wear at work sometimes. How, how, how does this not get picked up at any point? A few people online are suggesting that “it doesn’t matter because he was 3 when he left NZ!!!!1!!” — but the context does not matter. The fact is (as clearly stated in Scott’s post about it) — the Constitution is clear, and unfortunately he wasn’t compliant with it. Simple as that. The context of “yeah but nah but he was only a kid so why does it matter?” is completely irrelevant as the correct diligence was not performed.

What do we do now? Well, for one — I’ll still follow what Scott does as I’m sure he’s still going to be “making trouble” as he put it, and perhaps now unlike before I can support him directly.

This time let’s just hope he has someone aside him who can check out all the appropriate obligations he needs to abide by. ;)

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