Sensor ICs Suit Up to Play in EVs, RFIDs, and the IoT

Position Sensor Family Adds ISO 26262-Compliant Solution

Microchip hopes its new inductive sensor will feed the EV market’s need for cost-effective and accurate solutions for safety-critical position monitoring. Image used courtesy of Microchip Technology

LX34070 Advantages Versus Resolvers and Transducers

New Sensors and Signal Conditioning ICs for the IoT

With the Quick-Connect IoT systems, humidity, temperature, and signal conditioning sensors can be integrated without writing and testing hundreds of lines of code. Image used courtesy of Renesas Electronics

Battery-free RFID Sensor is Based on Passive Asygn IC

EOS-840 sensors provide a low carbon footprint and are equipped with recyclable inlays and tags. Image (screenshot) used courtesy of Tageos

A Multi-function Trend in Sensors



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