5 Necessary Exercises for every Golfer

After a certain age, we lose the ability to produce greater amounts of power and strength — two most crucial things to the golf game. You have to maintain your physical fitness later in life that will go a long way to helping your flexibility, balance, strength and power. It’s kind of planning a retirement account for your body that you can draw from.

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In this short article, I am going to cover the best golf experience for golfers to improve golf flexibility golf fitness and play pain-free golf. I have narrowed it down to only 5 because most golfers do not have time to work on their fitness as they have to invest a lot of time in practice for consistent performance.

Instructions are given below in bullet points for your better understanding.

1. The hip loader:

This is not only the best golf exercises for golfers but it is also the toughest of all.

· Stand tall and straight. Activate your stomach muscles.

· Arms Across your chest with a 5-pound dumbbell or two-liter soda bottles in double-bagged plastic grocery bags at your chest.

· Maintain your head, spine and pelvic posture, as if you had a board nailed from the back of your head to your tailbone.

2. Resisted Rotation in a chair:

You will be happy to know that this exercise is a lot relaxing. A very common injury with the golfers is the spinal cord pain causing spinal motion difficult. This will relax you of the spinal pains and increase your reduced power.

· Sit tall in a high-back dining room chair

· Place a small bath towel rolled lengthways at the level of the bottom of your shoulder blade

· Gently push your mid back into the towel without pain for two minutes

· Move the towel up your shoulder blades, holding each for two minutes gently without pain.

3. Hip Releasing Rotations

Hip hinges can occur in various planes of motion: forward, to the side and rotationally. This exercise is an inclusive one and addresses all the problems. This is a knee-friendly exercise.

· Resting on a firm surface or bed (pillow optional) gently brace your stomach

· Use a bed sheet to pull your thigh towards (not to!) your chest. The total limit of this exercise is 120 degrees. This point may take months to attain

· Perform for 90 seconds to two minutes each leg, one to two times per day

4. Golf stretch one

The first of the final two exercises also addresses the back pain and keep you happy and feeling good on the course of the game. Until and unless you do this exercise, you will suffer from severe back pain causing all sorts of swing faults.

· While sitting or standing straight in an upright torso posture, hands on lower ribs

· Place hands on outside of lower ribs

· Relax your body and take a normal breath

· Feel your hands push away from your body as you breathe in

· Feel your hands pull in as you breathe out

· Five repetitions, five times per day

5. Standing Cross Body Crawl Pattern

This is the exercise keep you balanced on the golf course. So the possibility of making slice hit is scarce.

· Standing with hands at shoulder level, lift one hand and the opposite foot six inches.

· Return to original position

· Repeat with other hand and foot

· Perform this exercise 20 repetitions, five times per day

These exercises will improve all the things that control the physical part of your golf game and help you master the skills you need to be an expert golfer.

So along with developing a better body and better mind, we can develop a better body-swing connection the key golf flexibility and fitness. I have maintained the order of importance in listing these exercises, so if you are too short of time do the first one first.