So much extra money will pour into the state of Nevada if it becomes the first in the country primary for presidential races that it will be as if the Battle Born bastion of the Union has its own personal Lincoln Project cash machine lying around six months of every four years. Piss-on the demographics and nightlife of Iowa and New Hampshire. Nevada has better lodging, gaming, dining and pugnacious political activists if I do say so. Oh, and our so sexy statewide diversity. As for the GOP, Trump versus McConnell will be as thrilling as Kong vs Godzilla. Fun!

She may still think me the scum of the earth to her last cognizant day, but kudos anyway today to Jennifer Horn for walking-away from the Lincoln Project sexual harassment wall of silence nimrods with whom she had been heretofore toiling-away with near everyday. At the end of a long week of memetic magic-making, there’s more to life than vanquishing one’s football or political rivals. There’s the afterparty victory dance!

I had an old friend challenge me to make a political prediction, so here it goes. Victoria Nuland, Simon Rosenberg, Brett McGurk, and Antony Blinken are the ascendant New Democrat pipeline for NeverTrump Neoconservative malarkey in the incoming Biden Administration, watch-out peace enthusiasts of all political persuasions! We’ll have needlessly soaring domestic energy prices, deadly humanitarian drone strikes of freedom globally, and coalitions of willing warmonger stooges within the year. All to benefit various transnational oligarchs, too!

Mitch McConnell getting got is an epic conclusion to the Trump Era that could only have been made right here in the U.S. of A. While not always being what America wanted in the estimation of half the country, President Donald J. Trump was most definitely what America needed. It was an honor and privilege fighting alongside other MAGA-types against the bureaucratic ninny establishmentarian minions of our domestic oligarchy warmonger donor class every time the opportunity presented itself. Please buy Newsmax DJT & godspeed in your post-presidency. Now for Miscegeny Supremacy!

Daniel Reagan Diggins

Bachelor's Degree Political Science University of Nevada, Reno....father, husband, libertarian populist, Gonzo-aficionado, red pill SJW, odder than most...

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