Clint Eastwood Liberals
Abel Cohen

A Triumphant Left Comes For The Clint Eastwood Liberals First, Friend

Thoroughly enjoyed the piece, even though I am a former Blue Dog Democrat Trump voter and half my family roots lie in the Spanish colonial period of the Southwest. Just four reasons that the Man With No Name wouldn’t be welcomed by most lefties:

  1. He takes people one at a time, and doesn’t judge according to society’s pronouncements or what’s popular. Sure, he can be kind to outcasts and minorities, but he doesn’t play the well intentioned groupthink game.
  2. The Man With No Name respects his personal sense of justice, not the pronouncements of the law or any outside authority.
  3. He often leaves behind collateral damage or casualties in his pursuit of personal justice…sometimes whole settlements.
  4. The Man With No Name refuses to have his personal freedom infringed upon, whether it be by love or the law.

Amusingly, while I think President Trump would see himself as Dirty Harry…he has more in common with William Munny….a bad hombre making good defending his deplorable voters through at times questionable means.

Finally, Clint Eastwood is dressed more as a vaquero, a Native or half Native cowboy, rather than a Mexican townie. At least he looks better than Charlton Heston in “Touch of Evil.”