Americans Deserve To Know About Russian US Election Meddling
U.S. Senator Bob Casey

As A Consistent Pro-Life Pro-Gun Democratic Legislator I Personally Gave You A Pass On The ACORN Dust-Up Years Ago Senator. However, For The Same Reasons You Choose To Stand Up Against The Predictable Attacks From Your Own Party’s Activist Base, I Have A Hard Time Believing That You, Sen. Casey, Truly Think That President Donald Trump Or His Administration Should Submit To Those Same Activists, At Least Those That Moonlight As Mainstream Media Figures…I Was Skeptical About Another Investigation Until Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein Named Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Special Counsel…Let’s See Where All The Rabbit Holes Lead…Good Looking-Out For Next Year’s Reelection Campaign though, and Good Luck Hunting School Voucher Pelts Senator!