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As A Former Advanced Tactics Leftism Agitator Myself, I Was Obviously Delighted By Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec, and Their Allies Giving Bloodthirsty Limo Liberals A Taste of Their Own Intolerance…I Ride the Trump Train To Whatever End Because This Is The First Time In My Quarter Century of Political Fascination and Involvement That I Am Not Expected to Apologize For My Views…I Thought My Generation of Males Were Pigeonholed Into Wussiness By Man-Hating Kate Chopin Feminists and Self-Dissatisfied Betty Friedan/Hillary Clinton Feminists since Before the 1996 Election. I Have Been For Requiring Two Years of Public or Military Service For Americans Since I was in high school, No Exceptions…In 2002 I Co-Organized The Biggest Anti-Protection of Marriage Rally In The State of Nevada that Year, and Called It the Protection of Liberty Rally…While I Evolved On Abortion Rights at UNR I Have Always Believed That Life Starts at Conception. Summarily, By 2100 My Only Hope Is That The United States of America🇺🇸 Is Still The Preeminent Free People Superpower of the World and that My Posterity Is As Proud To Be American As I Am…We Are Approaching A Bottleneck Again In Human Affairs…Utopian Views, Hopes, and Desires Will Be Soon Disabused!