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Melissa Ryan

Blue Dogs Like Myself Pushed-Out of The Democratic Party Are All Too Happy To See President Donald J. Trump The Centrist Win-Out

I used to be an abandoned pro-life, hawkish, gun rights, fiscally conservative Democrat…basically a Truman or JFK Democrat…made to feel unwanted in the party because I didn’t approve of the donor-centric party politics and issue litmus tests for activists looking to raise their political profiles. That said I didn’t abandon my distrust of domestic surveillance or disapproval of racism and homophobia to vote for DJT. I consider myself a pure populist because I am committed to the political dominance of common people in both major parties and the federal and state governments generally. That’s why I was anti-Bush and anti-Clinton during the primaries in 2015–2016 and am still content with President Trump’s ever more centrist approach today. If we had elected HRC we would be no closer to a national consensus for campaign finance reform and term limits through a constitutional amendment, which is what it will take. I wonder how those two issues paired together in one amendment would poll nationwide today?

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