Bullseye! You got it one today, rightward populist patriarch Pat Buchanan, for now it is indeed onwards to a less bleak future for Europe, and all true allies of the USA this year. To lamer Brussels technocrats and their aligned allies, it couldn’t have happened. Que Dieu bénisse le populisme européen!

I just can’t hardly wait either for Democrats to push an impeachment process beyond the point of no return for Our Undeterred Unsubmissive President Donald J. Trump in the coming weeks. I predict the Good, the Bad, and the Dummy Deep State circular firing squad of Clapper, Comey, and Brennan goes Full Sergio Leone publicly, just as House Dems are getting down to brass tacks. It’ll be Maui Wowey Zowie good fun fellow politics fiends!

In a world of soon enough to be ten billion people, ever more limited resources in some respects, artificially intelligent war machines of merciless efficiency, and ever-proliferating nuclear, digital, biological and direct energy weapons…a new Dark Age is always just around the corner, conceivably. Don’t count out that magnetic pole shift either.