Reminder: Chelsea Manning Was Twice Driven To Suicide By A Regime That Tortures Whistleblowers
Caitlin Johnstone

Chelsea Manning Is Both Patriot and Traitor; Damnable On One Hand and Sympathetic On The Other…I Must say CJ that I Disagree Wholeheartedly That Manning Didn’t Need Deserve His, Later Her, Measure of Harsh Atonement For The Traitor Half of Manning’s Actions…A Full Decade Behind Bars Would Have Been More Appropriate…If You Can’t Spend Some Quality Time With The Person In The Mirror Then Maybe Both of You Are Expendable. As For Former President Obama, The Same Weak-Kneed Obama Naïveté That Gave The U.S. His Pathetic 2009 Apology Tour and A Broken Red Line In Syria Reared Its Wretched Head Again When He Rewarded Manning With New Genitals And A Ridiculously Reduced Sentence…If Then President Obama🇺🇸Wasn’t Concerned About His Post-Presidency GLBTQ Marketability, I Doubt He Would Have Acted In the Same Manner.