2020 Trump Campaign Already Inflaming His Base
Brittany A. Stone

Excuses Are Like Behinds…Everybody Has One

Even though I voted for and am mostly satisfied with President Trump’s first month in office, I agree that the survey is too concerned with pushing the media bias narrative and hardly at all with voter issue id. Neither talk radio or traditional periodical habits were questioned, curiously. A straight forward priorities list where the respondent could simply rank items in importance would have been nice.

The obvious message massaging in the questionnaire just reminds me of how weary I became of President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats blaming Bush 43 in Obama’s first term. For that matter, President George W. Bush and his officials reflexive use of the September 11th Attacks when deflecting-away criticism was even more shameless, and went on nearly two terms. I am not that interested in a war on media bias.

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