Daniel Reagan Diggins
May 19 · 2 min read

I hadn’t unplugged for months, and my mind was becoming a bit more disordered than I normally like to keep it this time of year. Plus, meme-making, T-collaging, and song-surrealist taxidermy weren’t making the grade for me or anyone else anyway, and I’ve been too equivocal in my reactions to the newest pro-life state bills these past two weeks to get animated either way.

So there I was brainstorming about a new blog motif this morning, when an ephemeral epiphanic image flashed in my mind. I witnessed a massive burrito donkey braying behemoth warring with an illuminated enormous elephant exoskeleton automaton constructed from a million points of diverse interior decorations. It was breathtaking and bewildering scene to try to psychoanalyze in realtime, but I did anyhow.

“Why a Big Blue Burrito…a fantastic foodstuff with interchangeable head, tail, and legs to make it look like a demented donkey demigod plaything? I mean really??!” I scolded my own self-consciousness. “Who’s warped inner psyche was this anyhow?”

Remembering it was my own, I turned my lucid self to the other surreal combatant, the Elephant of All Rooms…a pachyderm poltergeist-appearing colossus of decorum, panache and ingenious engineering. “Why, oh why, this lunatic landscape” bemoaned I to myself when the eureka happened. American politics comic book fantasy style! Leave old opinion page aesthetics to the recycle bin of history. Present, highlight, and lampoon political hypocrisy as entertainingly as possible, without interjecting establishment groupthink or similar political moralizations. Let viewers project themselves freely upon the presentation of politics, encouraging them thereby to be better informed, rather than upon the politicians or the parties as false idols.

Fantasy News: Because being informed doesn’t mean dull.

…A guy can dream, can’t he?

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