What Happened in the Comey Hearing Depends on Your Reality
Nicholas Grossman

I Will Concede That Press Conference Jim Comey Gave NeverTrumpers And Establishment Democrats A Bit More Hay Yesterday…But They Seem To Be Using It To Make An Elaborate Adobe Tomb Of Inconsequence For Themselves…It Could Potentially Be An Eco-Friendly Model For Retaining Walls In President Trump’s New Infrastructure Plan…In Reality, The Most Shocking Admission In This Latest Exhibition of Millennial-Mindset Marmaduke James Comey Before The United States Senate Is That Numerous Capitol Hill Legislators Have Known For Months That President Trump🇺🇸 Was Never The Focus of The Justice Department Russian Election Interference Probe. Rather, It Now Seems Former DNI Clapper and Easily Intimidated former FBI Director Jim Comey Conspired To Entrap Then President-Elect Trump🇺🇸 With The Assistance of Other Obama-Era Officials And Career Bureaucrats…