Letters from Boston: Change is Inevitable
Martin O'Malley

If The Sky Seems To Be Falling Stop Withstanding On Your Head

Please relax citizen O’Malley, and don’t over exert yourself. As a recently discarded Democrat turned populist Trump supporter I can assure you I am neither disappointed nor dismayed by President Trump’s first month in office. I can understand your discomfort with an Executive Branch actually enforcing immigration law given your past posts, yet I cannot understand why you would complain about President Trump’s treatment of the intelligence community when he and his advisors used the recommendations of these agencies under former President Obama when selecting the very limited number of countries affected by the travel ban. Why weren’t you already building secret sanctuary housing when the former President became deporter in chief? Plus, did you just out the fact that the majority of journalists distinctly favor the Democratic Party at an apparatchik level? Also, I know you know the power to remove the President resides with the Legislative Branch, not the Fourth Estate, right?

Lastly, the 3 Reasons You Sir Are Skipper From Madagascar

1. Skipper Often Misreads Situations Completely.

2. Skipper Ignores the Obvious Course or Solution…Like How Can You Write A Post Today and Completely Fail to Comment on the DNC election outcome?

3. Skipper gives rambling pep talks that are half-inspiring half-depressing as well.

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